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ICS Warranty Overview
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Durability and Warranty Documents


Avery Dennison’s Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Program offers a peace of mind solution for all Avery Dennison customers.


  Standard Sales Terms and Conditions ICS Performance Guarantee ICS Platinum Warranty
  • All Avery Dennison customers
  • All Avery Dennison customers
  • Exclusive for Avery Dennison Specialist Converters and Installers
  • Standard product guarantee
  • Standard product guarantee
  • Extended assurance on performance and compatibility for a wide range of qualified printed platforms and inks
  • Standard product guarantee
  • Extended assurance on performance and compatibility for a wide range of qualified printed platforms and inks 
  • Specially prepared and customized warranty for larger projects

The right choice for quality and confidence.

Avery Dennison’s unparalleled commitment to quality ensures that every product we produce is designed, engineered, manufactured and tested with one goal in mind – your complete satisfaction. That’s why our range of innovative high performance products are backed with a warranty you can trust. Our Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Program is written assurance that our products perform exactly how they should from production through application and for the life of the graphic.

All Avery Dennison Graphics products are covered by our general product warranty which guarantees you get products free from defects and deliver consistent high quality and performance of our sign materials, screen print films, digital media and reflective products – every time. The ICS Warranty Program goes even further, offering you an open integrated system that provides the greatest range of flexibility, choice, confidence and protection.

ICS Performance Guarantee

The ICS Performance Guarantee combines our films with other qualified components to form a system which is guaranteed to be compatible and provide superior performance. This system reflects many years of joint developmental work between Avery Dennison and industry leading printer, ink and clear coat manufacturers. You know exactly what to expect from your finished graphics because your combination has already withstood rigorous scientific testing and met a very stringent set of durability and physical performance specifications.

ICS Platinum Warranty

For ultimate peace of mind and security when dealing with the most comprehensive projects, we offer a customized warranty that virtually eliminates risk to the end user. The ICS Platinum Warranty combines a certification process of specialist graphics manufacturers and installers to provide the highest levels of quality and performance in finished graphics applications. This open warranty – available by special request – is specially prepared and customized for your specific needs.


ICS PG - Agfa Grand Sherpa - Agfa Eco-Solvent Plus Inks

188.0 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Agfa JETI (former Gandi) - HL V2 Ink

187.0 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Durst Rho

179.3 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - EFI VUTEk UV Printers

179.5 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - EFI VUTEk UltraVu Solvent Printers

180.8 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Epson GS Ink

178.8 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Epson GS2 & GSX Ink

179.1 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Epson (GS3 ink)

192.7 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - HP UV Printers

179.8 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - HP 8000, 9000, 10000 Printers

189.5 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - HP Scitex Solvent Printers

190.3 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Latex Printers

179.8 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Mimaki UJV-160

188.2 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Mimaki JV3 & JV5

186.3 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Mimaki printers using SS21 ink

185.7 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Mutoh - eco & solvent

179.4 KB (pdf)
Oki Data

ICS PG - Oki Data Printers SX Inks

173.7 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Oki Data Printers EG, EX, GX inks

179.5 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Roland printers - ECO-SOL MAX Ink

173.7 KB (pdf)

ICS PG - Roland printers - ECO-SOL MAX2 & Eco Xtreme Ink

179.5 KB (pdf)