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Thousands of pre-cut vehicle design templates for a low monthly subscription cost.

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Maximize paint protection film performance with a software solution that gives you an exact fit you can trust.

Avery Dennison Vehicle Design Template (VDT) Cutting Software is a proprietary software solution for the latest paint protection film innovations by Avery Dennison.

With thousands of continuously updated pre-cut templates, Avery Dennison VDT offers an unlimited design package at a low monthly subscription price.

Sign up today to view the VDT template library for free. Upgrade to premium to download all of the VDT templates and enjoy the software benefits for just $100/per month.

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With VDT Premium, access these benefits:

  • Intuitive and easy software installation 

  • Template downloads

  • Manually, hand-nested files that will save more material than automated nesting

  • Ability to see the square footage of each template kit for easy, quick pricing to a customer

  • Wrapped and unwrapped edge kits

  • Ability to set the cut order of the pieces, so it doesn’t leave track marks across your material

  • Video previews to see how your plotter cutter will perform

Get VDT Premium access for the low subscription price of $100/month. Cancel anytime.

Paint Protection Film Portfolio

Avery Dennison paint protection films create a stylish and high-performance barrier against stones and stains. And, when an inevitable chip hits your vehicle, trust our self-healing film technology to stand up to the impact.

New! PPF Installation Training

Avery Dennison now offers a 3 day training program on paint protection film. Whether you are a new installer with no knowledge of PPF or you have been installing PPF or vinyl for years, this training will provide you the knowledge and practice needed to grow your skills in the industry.

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