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Films Combining Solar & Safety Benefits For Complete Protection

Not all architectural window films are the same. Avery Dennison® Architectural Window Films are based on over 35 years of film innovation, research and development your business and customers can trust. There’s a window film for every purpose and need, from solar control to privacy and safety, like our dual function R Silver™ 20 12 mil and SP e-Lite™ 70 8 mil films. Envision your world energy efficient, cool and comfortable, and safe and private with Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films.

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The Benefits Of Window Films That Combine Both Solar Protection & Safety In One Solution

Two films can do it all...and that’s Avery Dennison R Silver™ 20 12 mil Window Film and SP e-Lite™ 70 8 mil Window Film. Both films provide superior solar and heat rejection, safeguarding you from the sun’s powerful UV rays and improving energy efficiency in combination with shard protection of safety security films. For added no-view privacy protection, R Silver™ 20 12 mil is the perfect choice for commercial offices, financial institutions and hospitality settings. SP e-Lite™ 70 8 mil delivers clear, unobstructed views to the outside, ideal for corporate offices, conference rooms, retail and residential applications looking for reduced carbon footprint plus added protection.

For dealers looking to expand their product offering to meet the commercial and residential demand for films offering multiple features and benefits in one solution, now is a great time to choose Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films, in stock now for your project needs. Contact Us today

R Silver 20 12 mil Window Film

A No-View Film Solution

Envision your world with more peace of mind. Avery Dennison R Silver™ 20 12 mil window film combines the reinforced protection of security laminates with superb heat rejection, UV block,and ultimate building privacy, which means the outside can’t see inside, keeping your teams and equipment safe. R Silver™ 20 solar safety window film now stocked in 4 mil and 12 mil thicknesses for different security threats. Don't wait for peace of mind!


SP e-Lite™ 70 8 mil Window Film

Superior Heat Rejection

Envision your world clearly protected. Avery Dennison SP e-Lite™ 70 8 mil Window Film delivers crisp & confident views to the outside world around you. SP e-Lite™ is a unique solution that combines shard protection with advanced nanotechnology to selectively block infrared radiation and solar heat. This blocks harmful UV rays and improves overall HVAC performance all year long. Don’t wait for clear confidence!

Architectural Window Films

Avery Dennison’s safety, solar control and design Architectural Window Films enhance residential and commercial building aesthetics, comfort, safety, efficiency and sustainability. Explore our complete Architectural Window Film portfolio and see how, at home or at work, our films keep the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays out of your environment while still allowing daylight in.



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