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Using MPI 2077 for Cost-Effective Window Wraps

Avery Dennison has been offering a Basic/Intermediate Class the last few years. During this class, attendees get a chance to learn about vehicle wraps, floor, wall and window installations. One of the films we train the class attendees on is the Avery Dennison MPI 2077 Ultra-Removable Clear Film for window applications. David Timmerman, Regional Sales Manager, wrote the following piece to show how to use cost-effective MPI 2077 film in short term window applications.

The MPI 2077 series is a clear calendered PVC film with a luster finish and an ultra-removable adhesive that allows for easy application and removal. The unprinted area maintains great clarity, so you don't need to cut around the image. This allows for full window coverage. MPI 2077 comes standard with a PET liner that allows for easy application when using a wet apply method, which is the preferred application.

To get the most out of MPI 2077, you’ll need to prepare the window’s surface properly. Similar to other graphics applications, thoroughly cleaning the application surface is vital. The glass must be perfectly clean, so be sure to remove any tape, stickers or paint overspray. Wet the glass surface with a water and light soap cleaning solution, and using a single edge razor blade, skim the surface of the glass to remove any contaminants. Clean and wipe down the window and window frame to pick up any loose debris from scraping. Spray the glass with cleaning solution again and squeegee it dry using a soft rubber window squeegee. Wipe the edges dry using lint-free paper towels.

When applying MPI 2077, you should use the wet apply method. Application fluids are designed to reduce the friction and neutralize the adhesion of the film to the application surface. This is extremely helpful for positioning and to insure you have no bubbles or defects after installation. The application fluid should be predominantly water with just a drop of soap. Baby shampoo works very well for this purpose

Remove the PET liner from the film. Wet the adhesive side of the film as well as the surface of the window to insure the adhesive has been neutralized to keep it from sticking to the window. Position the graphic and set a hinge with your squeegee, using firm overlapping squeegee strokes to remove the wet solution past the edge of the film. It is critical to remove all application fluids with your squeegee to get the maximum adhesion. Some installers will use a heavy duty rubber squeegee, but if you do, make sure the surface of the film is wet to reduce risk of  scratches.

Make sure the material is relaxed and tuck, do not force, the edges.

Trim the edges top to bottom and left to right. Click a fresh blade, and place the hard edge of your squeegee in the top corner right along the frame of the window. Then, use your blade on the inside of your squeegee. Let the squeegee guide your blade while you cut and trim your edges. Make sure none of the edges are touching any part of the rubber seal or silicone that borders the window seal. Those surfaces will cause poor adhesion, and graphics may lift or curl. Re-squeegee all edges to insure all the fluid is out, then dry and wipe down your area to search for any moisture collecting at the edges. If you find any moisture remaining underneath the film, be sure to go back and squeegee it out.

Upon finishing your application, it’s time to make sure MPI 2077 is laminated. Protect the integrity of the graphics you just installed, and they will look better for a longer period of time. You can use any of the Avery Dennison DOL products to enhance the life of your window graphics.


There are glass windows and glass panels everywhere you look. Store fronts, convenience stores, office buildings, meeting rooms, sporting or concert venues and more provide great canvases for wraps. Many shops default to using perforated window films or specialty window films. Next time, try Avery Dennison MPI 2077 to create a customized privacy film or specialized graphics. You’ll enjoy these amazing benefits:

  • Short term, ultra-removable adhesive leaving no adhesive residue
  • Great image clarity and pop
  • PET liner allows for easy wet apply to windows
  • No need to contour cut around image


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