Vehicle Coverage Options

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF), also called clear bra or clear film is a urethane based film that when applied to painted vehicle surfaces will protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and scratches.

Driving on highway and neighborhood roads exposes your vehicle to nature’s unforgiving elements and road debris. Our next generation PPF technology creates an invisible barrier against those daily environmental elements. It can be applied on the most exposed areas, like a bumper, hood and mirror, or the entire vehicle, giving you greater peace of mind that your vehicle paint won’t be exposed to the inevitable chip while retaining its color and finish.

Complete Vehicle

Coverage: Complete body wrap


Front Vehicle

Coverage: Entire hood, bumper, fenders and mirrors


Partial Front Vehicle

Coverage: Partial hood and fenders, plus entire bumper and mirrors


Supreme Defense™ Gloss Paint Protection Film 'Real-Life' Lab Testing

Our extreme stain resistant & self-healing technology prevents paint scratches & scuffs to maintain the vehicle's aesthetic looks and resale value. 

Paint Protection Film Solutions

Supreme Defense™ Gloss

Supreme Defense™ Matte

neo™ noir