Paint Protection Film


Developing advancements in film technology and performance is what we do every day at Avery Dennison. Experience our latest advancements in Paint Protection Film (PPF) which are at the forefront in self-healing vehicle protection. 

Combine our collection of Paint Protection Film with thousands of pre-cut templates in our proprietary Vehicle Design Template Cutting Software, and maximize installation time and film performance for an exact fit you can trust.


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Paint Protection Film

Avery Dennison science driven innovation has developed
the strongest, most durable paint protection you can give
your vehicle. Built with three essential layers, each
Avery Dennison paint protection film is guaranteed to
preserve perfect paintwork against extreme conditions.


Explore Our PPF Products

Supreme Defense™ Gloss

Designed for full car protection or protecting high-risk impact areas with a premium gloss finish.

Supreme Defense™ Matte

Protects vehicle paint with a sophisticated and unique head-turning matte finish.


neo™ noir
Black hybrid film designed to protect paint while adding artistic accents to a vehicle.

Supreme Protection™ (SPF-XI)

Ultra-clear film that improves and protects a vehicle’s appearance, while helping to retain resale value and provide a beautiful aesthetic.

SPF 1000 Surface Protection

A durable surface protection film to defend high impact areas of a vehicle from wear and tear.

Vehicle Design Template (VDT) Cutting Software

VDT cutting software is loaded with thousands of pre-cut templates for fast and precise installation.