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Driving Brand Awareness is a Work of Art

Avery Dennison Fleet Graphics

What makes fleet vehicles of all sizes so special for branding is the breakthrough creative canvas that brings a visual identity for any company to a larger-than-life size. The Avery Dennison Fleet Graphics portfolio features a robust portfolio of best-in-class digital, screen and cut vinyl and reflective graphic films that help your brand become a work of art on any mobile surface. 

As your brand’s message evolves, our removable fleet graphics materials can be easily replaced as your marketing campaigns change or removed at the end of the vehicle’s lease-life, ensuring the resale value is maintained. Our film technology can help reduce spending by cutting application costs and minimizing downtime during vehicle changeovers, saving on maintenance and contributing to a reduction in scrap and waste.

Whether it’s to promote a brand vision, corporate identity, or a campaign for a cause, our high-performance materials make it easy to use high impact graphics to communicate and amplify a message – whatever it may be.


Benefits of Working With Avery Dennison

  • Superior Service: We will work with you to understand your business needs and provide the best solution to help your brand stand out to your audience.

  • Dependable products: Self-adhesive films you can rely on - with custom warranty and durability statements. We stand behind our products because we’ve done extensive testing, and stand behind the quality of our fleet solutions.

  • Industry Knowledge and Reach: We are a world leader in graphic films that identify, promote and inform. Our Easy Apply technology provides a patented performance feature for easier, quicker and more effective installations.


Choose Graphics Solutions for Your Fleet

MPI 1105
Premium high gloss cast film with superior 3D conformability, stunning printability and maximum durability for complex fleet surfaces
MPI 2105

Provides exceptional value for applications requiring premium calendered film durability

Flexible, dimensionally stable budget-friendly calendered films for flat and simple curves


133 vibrant and bold, high-gloss and metallic films that can bring the character of today’s brands to life

Pressure-sensitive clear films that deliver great looks, durability, protection and easy application

Beaded reflective films designed for exceptional conformability to medium curves and rivets that's visible both day and night
Conspicuity tapes designed for easy night-time vehicle recognition and increased road safety


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