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Fleets are a powerful branding canvas that captures attention and visual impressions, with all of the advantages of traditional out-of-home advertising with the added flexibility of being on the move.

Utilize the Avery Dennison fleet graphics portfolio to experience vibrant color consistency across your entire fleet, with fast and simple installation and removal to afford your business the opportunity to continually change designs with ease.


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A complete range of wrap options for your vehicle branding

Full Fleet Wraps

Commercial vehicle wraps that maximize the full vehicle surface give new meaning to a bold, branding canvas for your company. Full fleet vehicle wraps allow for superior design flexibility that captures attention whether standing still or on the move. MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS Wrapping Film is the recommended premium, cast vinyl wrapping film for the job. The film delivers the ultimate color consistency and printability with superior 3D conformability for the most complex surfaces with curves and recesses. Pairing MPI 1105 with premium cast digital overlaminates is recommended to ensure the maximum warranted durability.

Partial Fleet Wraps

Company wrapped trucks that have partial truck or trailer wraps leverage several of your vehicle’s most visible surfaces while being a more cost-friendly option. Partial wraps that incorporate common areas such as the hood, door, tailgate or other large flat sections of a vehicle can achieve a high visual impact for your business. MPI 1105 Wrapping Film is the ideal, wrinkle-free option for print consistency on fleet vehicle surfaces.

Full Reflective Fleet Vehicle Branding

Fleet vehicle branding that utilizes a full reflective vehicle wrap stands out with maximum visibility. Increase vehicle safety while highlighting brand messages and logos, especially with cargo that’s highly flammable or requires controlled conditions during transport. Utilize Avery Dennison's V4000 Beaded Reflective Film, which include 6 high-gloss color options, including V4000-101 white for digital and screen printing. These provide superior day and night color consistency, keeping attention on your business.

Reflective Decals and Accents

Trailer graphics and truck decals can be created using reflective films which help improve vehicle and driver safety 24/7, 365-days a year. Avery Dennison V4000 Beaded Reflective Films are ASTM D4956-13 certified and offer exceptional durability and conformability to curves and rivets. Our DOT-C2 certified Reflective Conspicuity Tapes are engineered with durable single-layer solid construction instead of air-celled construction which tend to fill with dirt and water.

Spot Graphics and Decals

Commercial fleet graphics can begin to tell your brand story with simple, identifiable elements in the form of spot graphics and decals. Distinctive colors and patterns in the form of logos, shapes or cut lettering for decals can be accomplished with SC 950 cast cut vinyl films. Bring the character of your brand to life with over 100 dynamic high-gloss and metallic films to choose from.



Commercial Fleet Graphics

The Avery Dennison® Fleet Graphics portfolio features a robust portfolio of best-in-class digital, screen and cut vinyl and reflective graphic films that help your brand become a work of art on any mobile surface.


Benefits of working with Avery Dennison for your vehicle graphics and commercial vehicle wraps

  • Superior Service: We work with you to understand your objectives and find the best film solution.

  • Dependable Products: Self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive films you can rely on with custom warranty and durability statements. We stand behind our best-in-class film solutions.

  • Industry Knowledge and Reach: We are a world leader in graphic films with a global reach that offers you access to resources that keep branded fleets on the road all over the world.

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