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Not all window films are the same. Avery Dennison® Window Films are based on over 35 years of film innovation and research and development your business and customers can trust. There’s a window film for every purpose, from solar control to decorative use, like the attractive and secure R Silver safety interior window films, to the non-fading color stable cool graphite shades of our NR Pro Series automotive window films. Envision your world cool and comfortable in your vehicle and safe and private at home and work with Avery Dennison Automotive and Architectural Window Films.



Automotive Window Films

Automotive window films have grown in popularity as car owners seek ways to customize their vehicles for both aesthetics and interior comfort. Discover the full collection of automotive window films to enhance your full-service offerings and provide for the exacting demands of today’s car owners.



Architectural Window Films

Avery Dennison’s safety, solar control and design Architectural Window Films enhance residential and commercial building aesthetics, comfort, safety, efficiency and sustainability. Explore our complete Architectural Window Film portfolio and see how, at home or at work, our films keep the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays out of your environment while still allowing daylight in.



Safe and Secure

From schools, to places of worship, to our own homes and businesses, our top priority is people and property. Our safety and security films are suitable for building codes and insurance policies that often demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact-resistant glass in schools, break-ins or blast protection for retail locations.

Personalized and Custom

Enjoy a variety of shades and visible light transmission levels that will add privacy while upgrading any vehicle appearance with a custom look for every style.

Free From Harsh Glare

Improve driver and passenger visibility while reducing excess light and glare by up to 94%.

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Case Studies

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Bank of America Financial Center, Phoenix, Arizona
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