Certified and Climbing: How One Installer Continues to Find Success

Csaba Szalontai from Star Car Wraps was one of the first wrap installers to become certified by Avery Dennison in 2018. He shared some insight into his business and how a combination of striving to get better and effective marketing can make a difference in a staunchly competitive market.

What was your reason for pursuing certification?

Csaba Szalontai: I’m trying to earn as many badges as I can. I’ve been in the business for over a decade, and all the big names in the business are certified. When Avery Dennison and Justin Pate came into the Miami area at Metro Signs to host a Certification Exam, the timing was perfect. Now, when people are looking for certified installers, my name is there, among other high profile shops in Miami.

How has certification benefitted you?

CS: The majority of what I use is Avery Dennison film, so it feels good to be certified by the company. South Florida is really competitive, and keeping up with other shops is a big deal. Everyone is competing on Facebook and Instagram, so doing things to market yourself is so important. Achieving certification and competing in wrap contests is great for my self esteem as an installer. Some customers also like to see the trophies and banners I have.

How do you promote your certification?

CS: I include the CWI logo at the top of my website, so you can’t miss it. I also have it on my social media pages and physically in my shop. It’s a nice thing for potential customers to see. A well kept online presence in general is helpful. It shows people that I provide quality work, and I make sure to keep word of mouth going by encouraging online reviews.

Would you recommend getting certified to others?

CS: I definitely recommend it to anyone who is an installer. It boosts your profile and helps you get exposure through the Avery Dennison website. When you’re competing with other installers that are certified, it’s especially important to have.

Csaba is a vinyl wrap industry veteran, but he recognizes how crucial it is to keep learning and growing his reputation. Are you ready to make a bigger commitment to your success in wrapping? Register for a Certification Exam to take the next step in your career at http://avydn.co/WrapClass.