Project Wreckless Uplifts its Community with Cars

Project Wreckless and Custom Vehicle Wraps both use their automotive expertise to provide valuable services in San Francisco. The team at Project Wreckless gives at-risk youths an opportunity to learn vehicle restoration and other skills, while Custom Vehicle Wraps is one of the foremost vinyl wrap shops in the Bay Area, providing top-notch commercial and color change services to businesses and celebrities.

Kwasi Boyd of Custom Vehicle Wraps was extremely proud to be involved with a recent drift race put on by Wreckless Racing, an extension of the Project Wreckless organization. Wreckless Racing started as an extended education program to continue teaching Project Wreckless students while giving them opportunities to work.

“Project Wreckless really brought together people from all kinds of businesses in San Francisco to support their efforts in the community,” said Boyd. “They teach kids great qualities to help them stay out of trouble, and we’re blessed that they contacted us.”

The Wreckless Racing Showcase gave San Francisco a chance to see the Formula Drift cars the team takes on the road. Boyd received MPI 1105 digitally printable film as part of an Avery Dennison sponsorship, and he utilized it to keep the Wreckless Racing vehicles looking sharp, including this one featuring a beautiful wrap with the team’s signature pattern.



A go-kart with the same design was auctioned to none other than the 49ers Reuben Foster, who wanted a new toy for his son. The auction raised thousands of dollars to support San Francisco’s youths.

Project Wreckless opened a new garage earlier this year. The organization used to do pop-up car clinics across the city, but now they have their own space. Events like the recent drift race help continue this growth.

“Mistakes these youths made in the past do not have to influence the rest of their lives. We teach life skills that can make a big difference, like how to be professional, save money, be better citizens and give back through volunteering,” said Tori Freeman, program manager, Project Wreckless. “We had a young man who was about to be kicked out of high school, and he could have been on a path toward jail had we not been there to help. It’s a great example of the impact of having faith in and working with our young people.”

Graduates from Project Wreckless get the opportunity to work with Wreckless Racing. They become part of the pit crew, helping with car fixes, capturing photos and video and traveling with the team. Building and practicing useful skills is a priority through each step of the program.


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