Avery Dennison Announces Top 10 Vinyl Wraps of 2018

We have chosen the 10 most impressive vinyl wraps using Avery Dennison vinyl products in 2018. This is the fifth annual list of vehicle and non-vehicle wraps, and it features some of the most unique and creative projects yet. Five car wraps and five non-vehicle wraps were installed with Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping™ Film, Conform Chrome™, and digitally printed films MPI 1105™, MPI 1405™ and MPI 2728™.

The Top 10 Vehicle Wraps of 2018 Include:

A printed Conform Chrome truck wrap from the AMSOIL booth at SEMA. IVS Wraps created a warplane look, including rivets and a pin-up girl, that captivated all who passed by the booth.

Rust and camouflage are popular effects created with printed MPI 1105, but Spectrum Auto brought out a new look. This sedan sports a realistic marble look, thanks to a quality installation and the clarity of the film.

Wrap Like A King Regional Winner Canadian Wrap Masters created three layers of embossing using Conform Chrome Red with DOL 1370Z satin laminate. This drawn-by-hand design wowed judges and created a one-of-a-kind look.

Bullitt Auto Detail and Vinyl Wraps found its way into the Avery Dennison top wraps again by wowing a Formula Drift racing team with this printed MPI 1105 wrap on a 53-foot trailer.

Rounding out the top vehicle wraps is the winner for the 2018 Wrap Like A King Challenge, the Mission Flyer 2.0 by MetroWrapz. Another warplane-inspired project, made possible by Supreme Wrapping Film, MPI 1105 and Conform Chrome films, brought the wrap king crown back to the United States for the first time since 2015.

The Top 5 Non-Vehicle Wraps of 2018 Include:

Workhorse Signs pulled off a challenging wrap by using printed MPI 1405 and crafty installation techniques. The shop had to overcome sand and heat while installing a graphic on a brick beach wall. With an ability to conform to textured surfaces, MPI 1405 adhered to the wall and made for a successful application.

A toy for kids and adults alike, the hoverboard was a popular item to wrap, and Vehicle Wraps Inc. gave this one a shade shifting look using ColorFlow Roaring Thunder.

CKL Wraps helped to drum up excitement for a Lego exhibit at a local museum. The wrap incorporated calendered MPI 2728 that would provide adhesion without leaving residue on the windows at the end of the promotion.

Supreme Wrapping Film Diamond Blue paired with blue waters to make for a stunning look on this 56-foot race yacht. Wrapture Customs took on this challenging project and made a boat wrap to be remembered.

Custom designs on guitars are a trademark of rock enthusiasts, and Phillips Signs carried on that tradition. MPI 1105 gave this six-string some character with a weathered wood design.


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