Five Steps for a Smooth Window Film Installation

John Scott of Scott Solar Control in Arlington, TX showed off Avery Dennison Automotive Window Films at the 2018 SEMA Show. Because of their optical clarity and graphite appearance, these films are the go-to product for his shop, and he was happy to share his tips for optimal installation.

Start on the Passenger Side

The most important areas of a window film installation are on the driver’s side. This is where the person steering the vehicle is most affected by the optical effects of film. An installer should always gauge the difficulty of installation by starting with the passenger side of the vehicle. By doing this you can troubleshoot any imperfections in the way the film is adhering or its appearance so that it can be sorted out before you get to the driver’s window.

Clean Gaskets

While prepping side windows, you want to make sure they’re clear of dust and dirt. The window channels and gaskets, where the window rolls up and down, can be full of dust and debris, so you need to start your cleaning there. Just use a damp microfiber, and then you can move on to the window itself.

Clear Residue

For side windows, it is best to use a baby shampoo and water solution and a razor blade to get rid of any residue left from decals or dirt from the road. Finish each side window with a squeegee. For the rear window, you MUST NOT USE A RAZOR BLADE. Razors can damage defrosters, so it is best to use a light scrubbing pad with the baby shampoo solution. Rear windows are also finished with a squeegee.

Protect Electronics

Side windows can require some precautions, with the biggest being the protection of electronic components. Window switches and amplifiers located in the door could short out from contact with too much soap or water. Some well placed plastic coverings can save a lot of trouble.

Use the Recommended Soap Solution

Though it may not seem like the most important aspect of a window film installation, your soap solution can be the make or break choice. Clear baby shampoo is preferred, because it is free of emulsifiers and not acidic. Taking shortcuts by using dish soap or other shampoos can cause cloudiness between the film and the window, and they can wear down the adhesive of a window film, leading to premature failure.

Following these steps can help with more efficient, long-lasting window applications. If you would like to learn more about Avery Dennison Automotive Window Films and their benefits, you can visit avydn.co/AWF.