Architectural Window Films Page Goes Live

Avery Dennison Window Films for commercial, industrial and residential buildings have a new home online. These products offer UV protection, improved temperature control and safety, and now you can learn more about the whole lineup.

A wide range of Architectural Window Films arrived in the Avery Dennison lineup when Avery Dennison acquired HanitaTek in 2017. Whether looking for solutions to reduce energy usage and cooling costs or to improve occupants’ comfort and productivity, building owners, facility managers and homeowners are likely to find solutions from the portfolio. Learn more about the various films including:

Reflective Window Films

These films improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort, while making for an appealing aesthetic. Learn More!

Dual Reflective Window Films

Used in both residential and commercial applications, Dual Reflective films block over 99% of UV radiation to save energy and provide glare control. Learn More!

Neutral Window Films

Neutral Window Films for interior use preserve the view through glass while reducing heat gain and glare. Learn More!

Spectrally Selective Window Films

Keeping glass transparent, reducing solar heat gain and maintaining high levels of natural light are the benefits of this line of films. Learn More!

Design Window Films

Design Window Films add creative elements, privacy and branded messages to corporate and residential spaces. Learn More!

Safety and Security Window Films

These films can keep shards of glass from injuring people and causing damage, and in some cases, they are a solution for retrofitting annealed glass to keep up with building codes. Learn More!

Solar Safety Window Films

Combining the shard retention properties of safety films with solar energy reduction, Solar Safety Window Films are a reliable two-in-one solution. Learn More!

Additional details about each film are available on the new Architectural Window Films page. Questions about pricing and technical specs can be addressed at 1-800-660-5559.