Wrap Industry Expert Chris Bull Shares His Boot Camp Experience


Chris Bull, owner of Wrapabull in Chapin, SC, has been providing signage and vinyl wraps for over 20 years. We asked him about his experience at the September 2018 Business Boot Camp and why he would recommend it to all his industry peers.

What drew you to the Boot Camp in the first place?

Chris Bull: A lot of people in the industry are focused on certification and accreditation for installing vinyl. That aspect is important, but you can train most people to wrap a car. It takes a special type of training to be able to be able to run a business, and that’s what I think the Boot Camp provides. Also, signing up for the opportunity to talk and network with other business owners is a no brainer.


What did you take away from the class?

CB: It showed me how to refine my day-to-day processes and where I can improve. The lessons from the class apply to all the services at my shop, even beyond vehicle wraps. We provide signage and boat wraps, and some of the workflow lessons from the class segments and input from other attendees can help me be more efficient in both of those areas.


Which presentation impacted you the most?

CB: John Duever’s breakout session on business insurance was the most informative part of the Boot Camp for me. In a wrap shop, you are responsible for cars, trucks, boats and whatever else people bring for you to wrap. Ensuring that you have proper protection is so important.


Who would you recommend this class to?

CB: Everyone involved in vinyl should consider taking the Business Boot Camp. Knowledge is power; you can’t afford to be close-minded or believe that you know all there is to know. This class is an opportunity to converse with instructors and business owners in an open forum. You have access to at least 20 different perspectives, all openly sharing ideas.

If Chris’ input has inspired you to get out and succeed in the wrap industry, you too can sign up for one of our Business Boot Camps at avydn.co/Bootcamp. We also have vinyl installation classes across North America to hone your technical skills.