Galpin Auto Sports Wowed at the LA Auto Show with Avery Dennison

Automotive companies are always in a competitive race to get the better of each other, and this applies to the dealerships that sell their products, as well. Tommy Rezaie, general manager of Galpin Auto Sports is well aware of what dealerships can do to stay a step ahead, and he used his customization skills to make his vehicles stand out at the 2018 LA Auto Show.

With 10 different lines under the Galpin Motors umbrella, including Aston Martin, Ford, Honda, Lincoln, Lotus and Volvo, Galpin Auto Sports puts their personal spin on traditional dealership cars. Galpin likes to refer to its aftermarket artistry as “Galpin-izing,” which can include specialty tires, wheels, roof racks and vinyl film among other add-ons.

“We promote and differentiate companies’ dealer lines by making them truly custom, and we can do this for any size of car and any budget,” said Rezaie. “Wraps in particular allow us to go beyond manufacturer colors while offering a cost-effective color change option that protects paint.”

Some of the featured Galpin wraps at the LA Auto Show included:

Supreme Wrapping™ Film Matte Metallic Garnet Red
Supreme Wrapping™ Film Gloss Light Pistachio
Supreme Wrapping™ Film Gloss Smoky Blue

2018 was the fourth consecutive year for Galpin’s current footprint at the show, and the shop has continued to use its displays as a showcase for car companies and the power of customization.

“The auto show is a chance to show what is possible and to set the bar higher, so you’re offering something unique and entertaining,” said Rezaie.

Part of Galpin’s restyling menu is the ability to pick from over a hundred colors of Supreme Wrapping™ Film and any number of possibilities with printable MPI 1105™. His reliance on Avery Dennison films comes down to more than the number of options.

“My biggest priority is customer service and quality,” said Rezaie. “If a vendor stands behind their product and is responsive when we have questions or concerns like Avery Dennison, I’m happy to sell them to my customers.”

Galpin will continue to support dealerships and drivers alike out of its space in Van Nuys, CA, and you can find out more about what they have to offer at galpinautosports.com.