Queen of All Trades: Jen Carney

Carbon Wraps started about nine years ago in a garage. Since then, the married team of Jen and Steve Carney have built a flourishing auto customization business providing color change wraps for exotic, high-end cars.

Originally, Steve handled the bulk of installation and production, but Jen has become a talented installer herself. While she started out on the marketing and sales side of Carbon Wraps, working during the day and taking classes at night, Jen has taken on each aspect of the business.

“Once I finished school, I wanted more responsibility in the shop,” said Carney, who is co-owner with her husband. “Steve and I work as an extension of each other, handling design, printing, installing, sales and marketing together, and it helps to make our creative process more powerful.”

Carbon Wraps transformed this Porsche with Supreme Wrapping Film Gloss Lime Green.

Jen earned a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in counseling, both of which help her in dealing with clients and communicating expectations. Her education has expanded beyond the classroom, as well. She has taken multiple wrap courses, including an Avery Dennison workshop, and she’s looking to become an Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer in 2019.

Jen is most proud of the creativity she gets to display every day and the reputation of Carbon Wraps as a provider of high quality wraps for any kind of car. Some of the most expensive automobile brands, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes, come through Jen’s shop, where she and Steve work tirelessly to give their detail-oriented clients wraps that are as premium as their vehicles.

“I’ve always loved being creative, like painting and doing graphic design, so the opportunity to give each car a unique wrap is exciting,” said Jen. “There is so much you can do with vinyl, and the most fun for me is in designing printed wraps. Showing customers how we can make their car look like no other blows their minds.”

Outside of the shop, Jen is a great example for aspiring female wrap installers. She has participated at live demos at WRAPSCON, ISA International Sign Expo and SEMA, and her industry group Women of Wraps serves as a spotlight and forum for women doing great work in the industry.

Over the course of nine years in the vinyl wrap industry, Jen has learned some valuable lessons. She offers that “being an installer takes patience, you have to put in hard work and there’s always a new tip or trick you can learn.”

More info about Carbon Wraps is available on their Facebook page, and you can learn more about Avery Dennison films, services and wrap classes at graphics.averydennison.com.