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Wrap Like A King

One-of-a-kind vehicle wraps sometimes require a one-of-a-kind automobile. We have seen many Wrap Like A King winners, like Exotic Graphix and UnderWraps use the difficult curves and captivating bodies of old school rides to their advantage. Sean Tomlin of Designer Wraps in Pitman, New Jersey took a bit of a different route to his regional title in 2017.

Through his projects with Forty7 Motorsports in his home state, Tomlin is able to wrap plenty of race cars, and his work has drawn many fans at tracks around the country and the world. The owner of the race team and performance shop appreciates Tomlin’s skill and creative edge, and their relationship gave Tomlin the opportunity of a lifetime last year.

“Forty7 reached out to me about a unique car they had purchased, saying they needed a wrap for an upcoming race,” said Tomlin. “This prototype race car has a crazy body style, and there are only two that exist in America. When Wrap Like A King came around, I knew I had to re-wrap it to make the best entry possible.”


Not only did Designer Wraps pick a difficult vehicle to wrap; the film choices were unique, as well. Printed Conform Chrome and the V8000 series of reflective vinyl film conformed to the curves and recesses of the car, creating a neon, space-age look.

“We worked with Vinyl Madness out of Russia to create the cosmic design we settled on for our entry,” said Tomlin. “Taking Conform Chrome to its limits and leaving some of the original carbon fiber body exposed made the end result incredible.”

The wrap is still in action as the prototype car competes in the IMSA race series, and Tomlin continues to touch it up as needed. While he doesn’t have this year’s wrap mapped out, Tomlin’s crew is pushing him to try for the global crown once again.

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