Preventing Waste with a Wrap

Nearly 30-40,000 people gather on Del Mar Beach in Oceanside, California for the Fourth of July each year. They bring their patriotic spirit, flags and plenty of beverages to keep cool in the summer heat. Unfortunately, they can leave a lot behind.

The trash and recyclables that build up on the beach are unsightly and a danger to the environment, not to mention other beachgoers that have to watch their step. For this reason, the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) at Camp Pendleton, the nearby military base, decided to take on the issue themselves.


A Vinyl Wrap Saves the Day

The Team at Workhorse Signs was tasked with making creative signage that promoted recycling and proper trash disposal, and they had bigger ideas than a simple banner. A large exterior brick wall would be the perfect canvas, but they needed a film that could handle its multiple, rough textures.

Nate DeYoung, co-owner of Workhorse signs recalls “When I attended the two-day Avery Dennison boot camp, Justin Pate and John Duever were showing off the capabilities of MPI 1405 in a demo, and not too long after, we were contacted about this job, and 1405 was the right film. It all came together.”

DeYoung appreciated how the film performed on textured brick and on a hot day surrounded by sand. The Workhorse Team took precautions like digging a trench and wetting down the sand near the wall to avoid kicking it up, but the film handled the unavoidable obstacles like the heat of the wall and the deep recesses that could affect the integrity of the wrap.

“People walking by thought it was paint. They couldn’t believe that a wrap film could create something like this,” said DeYoung. “This is one of the projects that we are the most proud of, and having this kind of wrap in our portfolio has already started to land us new work.”

MPI 1405, which is GREENGUARD Certified for its environmental impact, was a fitting choice for a project based in sustainability, and the DOL 6460 laminate used by DeYoung will help the wrap make a lasting impact.

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