Using Wraps to Create
a Winning Look

Race car drivers are often remembered by their vehicles. Their fans know the sponsors and unique color schemes that stand alongside their numbers. This makes for a major advertising opportunity, where brands are almost an inseparable part of the drivers they sponsor.

The same can be said about the trailers designed to carry these highly engineered cars across the country. They pull into a new town each race day, announcing the arrival of a driver with graphics made to match the competing car itself. An eye-catching, professional design can signify a legitimate contender, and many racing teams are opting to make their statement using vinyl wraps instead of paint. A recent example of this exciting trend comes out of North Carolina, where Vaughn Gittin Jr. of RTR Motorsports and many other high-profile drivers call home.

Ken Mahlschnee of Bullitt Auto Detail in Clayton, North Carolina is a big fan of Ford Mustangs. He has detailed many of these cars over the years, and they are some of his favorite to wrap. As a regular attendee of an annual Mustang event, he started to get noticed for his vinyl work. He has wrapped the cars in different colors of Supreme Wrapping Film, including the ColorFlow series of shade shifting films, but a fellow long-time attendee needed his installation expertise in regards to a large digitally printed project.

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