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It’s All in the Details for this Wrap Like A King Regional Winner

UnderWraps of Huntington Beach, CA is located in a hotbed for vehicle wraps. The shops in the area are constantly pushing each other to new heights to keep up with customers who both love cars and love to customize them. Jeff Sharell, the lead installer at the shop, is a newcomer to Wrap Like A King, but the car scene is old hat for him.

Sharell says he detailed his way through college, doing jobs at night and between classes. He also develops car and wrap care products that he sells through his Auto Sauce imprint, a company he founded in 2010 before joining UnderWraps. The need for a new company vehicle and his creativity collided last summer, leading to an incredible wrap.

“I’ve been in every part of the auto customization and detailing industry over my 20 year career,” said Sharell. “When we were creating the look for a company vehicle, I wanted to do more than just stick our name on the side of it.”

After settling on a throwback Chevrolet C10 truck, the team at UnderWraps went back and forth about what kind of wrap to submit. They chose to go with a rusted over look that would appear authentic on each part of the vehicle. Their work with a designer and their on-point execution wowed the Wrap Like A King judges and has continued to wow their community.

“I get stopped all the time, and people can’t believe it’s a wrap,” said Sharell. “The designer who helped us took extra care to make sure the rust spots on the wrap were in places where the truck would actually wear over time.”

MPI 1105
 was able to mimic the aging on all parts of the exterior, even the gas cap, and Supreme Wrapping Film Satin Pearl White accents on the wheels gave it some extra old school flair. The body is protected by DOL 1380Z.

Sharell plans to enter something even more spectacular in 2018, and he’s experimenting with different laminates and mixing visual effects. If you want to take on the best wrap installers, this year’s Challenge opens soon. Learn more at

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