A Sound Surface for Vehicle Wraps

Supreme Wrapping Film is a great alternative to paint when customers are wanting to color change their vehicle. Wrapping film is not permanent like paint, so the vehicle is able to be returned to its original manufactured color.

One important thing to keep in mind when wrapping a vehicle is that the wrap is only as good as the surface it is applied to. For instance, if you’re vehicle has aftermarket paint on it already, it would not be an ideal wrapping candidate. Same goes if there is damage to the original paint such as rock chips or if you have an older automobile.

Molly Waters, Sr. Regional Technical Specialist at Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions dives deeper into this subject on our blog. There, she covers criteria for ensuring your paint is not damaged when removing your Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. Justin Pate from the Wrap Institute also discusses the proper procedures to check the OEM paint before an install in a technical video, as well as how to identify OEM paint and how to properly document non-OEM paint during a vehicle inspection.

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