Getting Better All the Time: Chatting with a Wrap Class Attendee

Jessica Stevens of Absolute Perfection Tinting recently took part in her second Advanced Wrap Class at Metro Signs in Hollywood, FL on February 7-8. She tuned up her vehicle wrap skills with guidance from Avery Dennison instructor Justin Pate, and we asked her a few questions about what she learned and why she’d recommend our classes to installers of all levels.

Why did you sign up for a 2018 Wrap Class?

Jessica Stevens: I took the Advanced Class a year and a half ago actually, and I decided to take it again to see what new tips and tricks I could learn. Taking it a second time definitely helped, too, because I learned a lot this time. It was also good prep for the Certification Exam, which I took and passed this year.

What are some of the things you learned?

JS: One of the biggest topics the class covered was the process of how you handle a wrap job - from cleaning and prep work to installing and presenting the finished product. We learned about how to give customers the best options for their vehicles. We can turn a red car black with no problem, but the cool add-ons like accent pieces can make for a work of art and a really unique wrap that will leave customers impressed and keep them coming back. Helping them know what is possible is an important part of the business process, and I’ve brought these lessons back to implement with our managers at our shop, Absolute Perfection.

What other benefits did you get out of the class?

JS: Working with top level installers helps build confidence in your skills, especially with Avery Dennison films, which we enjoy working with because of their look and repositionability. Achieving the certification is an awesome thing to be able to tell customers, as well. We’ve already gotten a positive response, because we can give customers stronger reassurance that we know what we’re doing and that they’ll get a great finished product.

Would you recommend our Wrap Classes to other installers?

JS: I definitely would. No matter what level you’re at, you’re going to keep learning. There is a lot of hands-on work, and that is the best way to learn. It’s also nice to have such experienced instructors right next to you to answer your most specific questions about wrapping methods. I would tell installers that you should learn as much as you can whenever you can. When you treat this as a craft, it’s really rewarding.


If you’re like Jessica and you want to hone your craft and improve your profitability, you should make sure to claim a spot in an Avery Dennison Wrap Class in 2018. Register for world class instruction with a variety of our films at, and look out for an entry from Jessica’s shop in this year’s Wrap Like a King Challenge.