Wrap Like a King:
Details Behind the Winning Wrap

Sometimes we enter competitions and more than not, we don’t hear back that we won that all-inclusive trip or free prize money we had our eyes on. But sometimes, we do get that call and in that moment, all the blood, sweat, and tears was well worth it! Last year, Canadian Wrap Masters (CWM), an elite group that brings together a network of the best installers in Canada to promote and grow their businesses, won their first ever Wrap Like a King with their entry “The Warrior”. Take a look at how CWM created a winning design for Wrap Like a King.

Dan Desroches, member of CWM and graphics installer, and his team had heard about WLAK since its origin in 2013 and were always amazed by the quality and work from installers around the world in the competition. Previously, Desroches submitted a solo project into WLAK, but unfortunately didn’t qualify geographically.  That’s when he realized that he had a better shot at winning with a team rather than on his own.

“Individually you only have one train of thought,” Desroches said. “However, having a team of highly skilled individuals you can collaborate with yields much better results.”

The WLAK project had 7 team members: graphic designer, Dave Richer, 3 members of CWM (Charles Brossard, Dan Desroches, Ben Bieber, and David Boily), installer, Annie Gauvin, and Ludovic Rouleau who printed the design. The team then got to work pushing the envelope creating a project worthy of a being crowned king!

Throughout the entire process of the project, each member put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to create “The Warrior”. In fact, total time from designing to production to installation was around 425 hours! The CWM team also stumbled upon their print design completely organically, with the base idea of their design inspired by the lines of their “model”, Desroches’s Ford F250 Super Duty truck. Their hand drawn design was starting to take a life of its own and the overall feel was something like a Maori tattoo, a traditional tattoo derived from the Maori tribe in New Zealand.

“It’s called the Warrior because we included elements and inspirations from South Pacific and Polynesian tribal art that when matched up with the body lines of the vehicle really brought out that feel and spirit,” says Desroches.

Once the design was fleshed out, the truck was treated with a lift kit as well as larger rims and tires to give it the “attitude” and look of a warrior.  After their design was configured into a digital vector they then printed it on both the print layer and three graduated cut layers to go underneath the print.  In total their wrap was over 1300 square feet of vinyl which was then broken into 3 layers of embossing then topped off with a printed layer of Avery Dennison’s Conform Chrome in Red and DOL1370z Luster as an overlaminate.

Their biggest challenge? It was having to align those three layers of embossed vinyl with the printed layer. Considering that 85% of the truck was embossed, it certainly was well worth the elbow grease to get it right.

If you’re thinking about entering WLAK for the first time, here’s some parting advice from Desroches: “I encourage any installer to enter contests such as WLAK as it pushes you creatively and technically to up your game. Be inspired by the work others are putting out globally and let that translate into improving your abilities and promoting your brand.”

For more information about Canadian Wrap Masters visit their website. Learn more about the services, films, and wrap classes Avery Dennison has to offer at graphics.averydennison.com.