Get Ready for Summer with Avery Dennison Window Films


It’s been almost a year since Avery Dennison acquired Hanita Coatings, and we want to share with you an update on the transition and rebranding of the Hanita Coatings window film products to the Avery Dennison brand. The transition of the Automotive Window film products is almost complete, and our commitment to the auto restyling market is demonstrated with additions to our portfolio of automotive window films to offer a full range of aesthetic, performance and pricing options.

New this month, is the NR (Non Reflective) automotive window film series which offers excellent solar protection and a stylish look. Specially designed to keep car interiors safer from the harmful sun at a lower price point.

Coming in June, the NR Nano Ceramic IR automotive window films deliver exceptional performance with their advanced Nano ceramic components for long lasting color stability and outstanding heat rejection. Featuring high optical clarity and a deep graphite color tone, these films upgrade a vehicle’s appearance while blocking 99+% of harmful UV. This premium film provides excellent IR rejection and up to 93% glare reduction with minimal reflective effect. Using advanced Nano Ceramic technology enables a metal-free product with no interference of electronic equipment.

Visit our website to learn about the entire automotive window film offering and to download Product Overviews for each product family.

Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing more about our window films portfolio including solutions for architecture.