Keep Your Space Safe with
Avery Dennison Window Films

A break and enter or senseless vandalism are attacks that no one wants at their business or home. Unfortunately, the world is full of dangers big and small, and many can originate at your windows.

Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films can be a shield against what lies out there. At their most basic level, safety films reduce the risk of injury when glass breaks. Depending on the type of product, they can provide additional benefits like providing additional time for occupants to get to safety and deterring criminal entry.

Protection from People and the Elements

Films with a thickness of 4-mil, 7-mil and up to 8-mil can prevent injury when annealed glass breaks. This type of glass is the least sturdy, and it is used at many homes and on some old storefronts. If a window made of annealed glass is properly secured to the frame, Avery Dennison films can hold broken shards in place and prevent quick entry by the assailant in the case of a break-in.

Building code is another concern when it comes to annealed glass, as it does not meet ANSI Z97.1. This regulation states that if glass is certain distance from the floor, it must be tempered against human impact. Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films can be an option for business owners to bring their existing windows up to compliance with code.

Tempered glass, the strongest kind, shatters into a thousand pieces, which are not able to cut through skin. In the case of a blast, however, the pieces could act as projectiles, and a film used in conjunction with proper frame sealing could potentially hold glass in place. Similar to a blast, a hurricane can generate extreme force on glass windows. A sliding glass door sealed with silicone and covered by an 8-mil or greater window film can limit damage from small windborne debris and water infiltration.

Avery Dennison films also address more subtle types of damage like UV rays while helping to reduce high energy costs. Solar control can limit the need for high AC load while shielding inhabitants or occupants from skin damage. These benefits are available for all buildings from large corporations to small storefronts and even residential homes.

If you’re interested in seeing what Avery Dennison Window Films can do for you, visit our website, or contact us for performance info and return on investment demonstrations.