Time to paint your vehicle?

Consider wrapping it


Many people are choosing to wrap their vehicle instead of repainting it. The costs can be comparable and vehicles can be wrapped by either trained professionals or average Joes. One of the most important benefits is the amount of time it takes to wrap vs. the time and effort to paint a vehicle. For a quality paint job your car could be out of use for up to two weeks, whereas when you wrap your car it can be returned the same day.


What are all the benefits of car wrapping vs. painting?

  • Protection of paint
  • Ability to change color/make car unique
  • Resale Value of the vehicle
  • Lack of downtime for vehicle
  • Textured films cannot be replicated by paint


What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a large conformable vinyl graphic or decal applied directly over the existing paint. Vehicle wraps allow you to very quickly change the entire look of your vehicle. Painting a vehicle can be expensive, messy, and very difficult, which is why it requires a professional painter, equipment and shop.  Wraps can be done by anyone, but it is recommended that a certified installer wraps the vehicle in a controlled environment.


What is the vehicle warp process?

The first step is to design the wrap. You can choose a digitally printed image, a solid color, or even a textured film such as brushed aluminum or carbon fiber.  For digitally printed wraps you can choose from standard designs or make your own. Let your imagination run wild and design something that is uniquely you.

Once you have the design, your wrap provider will print and laminate the wrap and then apply it to your vehicle.


Wrapping Options

The options are endless when it comes to wrapping a vehicle. You can do accents, such as mirrors, door handles and windows, or full vehicle color changes.


With a partial wrap, merge existing colors into the design. Partial wraps are a great way to add a little sizzle to your vehicle for a very low-cost. You can always add more detail later.

A special perforated window film that has tiny holes in it can be applied to windows and still provides great visibility to the drivers and passengers.


Ideas for digitally-designed Wraps

  • Your high school mascot
  • Car make and model
  • Your identity or nickname
  • Your business - free advertising for your home business
  • A scenic view - the beach, the mountains
  • Solid color - choose something wild - it is easy to remove
  • Racing stripes


Before applying the wrap, wash the surface thoroughly using isopropyl alcohol. It takes 1-2 days from beginning to end and most wraps last from 1-5 years.

Costs vary depending on the size of your vehicle, but in most cases, wrapping a vehicle is less expensive than a quality paint job.

When it is time to change the look of your vehicle, consider a vehicle wrap with all the options discussed above. Wrapping a vehicle is economical, flexible, and affordable. Many cost conscious people are embracing vehicle wraps for their durability, ease of cleaning and flexibility.