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Commercial and fleet vehicles represent more than a mode of product transport and delivery for today’s brands. Fleets are a powerful branding medium that captures attention and impressions, whether standing still or on the move.

What makes fleet vehicles of all sizes so special for branding is the breakthrough creative canvas that brings a visual identity to a larger-than-life size. 

The Avery Dennison Fleet Graphics Portfolio features a robust portfolio of best-in-class digital, screen and cut vinyl and reflective graphic films that help your brand become a work of art on any mobile surface. And, your quest for high-performance materials, for both short- and long-term applications, begins with fleet graphic solutions from Avery Dennison. 

The portfolio delivers vibrant and consistent color pop, with the ease of installation and removal to afford brands the opportunity to continually make a statement.

Why Avery Dennison?

Superior Service

We have a dedicated team of experts who are highly trained, extremely knowledgeable and ready to support you throughout the planning and execution of a fleet project. We will work with you to understand your business needs and provide the best solution to help your brand stand out

Industry Knowledge and Reach

We are a world leader in graphic films that identify, promote and inform. Our Easy Apply adhesive technology provides easier, quicker and more effective installations.

Digital Print Quality

We have a 99.8%* print consistency within our top selling brands.

Color Matching

Why wait? We produce exact color match samples in 14 days, which is free of charge for our customers

Dependable products

Self-adhesive films you can rely on —with custom warranty and durability statements. We’ve done extensive durability and performance testing, and stand behind the quality of our fleet solutions.

Right solutions for your needs

Our vast selection of products we can help you determine the right product for the right application at the price point to help you optimize your branding budgets. 

Fleet Prototyping

Let us help you develop a prototype which can help you visualize the final results and get brand owners’ approval. Reach out to our commercial team to know all the ways they can support you.

Network of Resources

We have a network of converters, installers and suppliers to help service you through all steps of your project.

How to select the right film

Let us help you understand the different film types for ease and accuracy of your graphic film Selection.

Cast Films

Cast films are premium vinyl films that offer the greatest flexibility and conformability for complex surfaces. These films are typically the best option for medium and long-term applications.

Calendared Digital Print Films

Calendered films are an intermediate vinyl film for short-term applications and less complex surfaces, such as flat or simple curves. The print films act as a blank canvas for infinite design possibilities

Sign Cut Films

These are pigmented or pre coloured films and are great for cut letter, decals, and full wraps. 

Overlaminate Films

Overlaminates are clear, protective films that increase the durability of a printed graphic. The overlaminate makes the film slightly thicker, which helps with installation and removal efficiency. Overlaminates can also provide additional benefits or effects, such as giving color an extra gloss or sparkle finish.

Reflective Films

Reflective films provide added safety or visibility and special effect markings. Beaded and Prismatic is the type of reflective pattern that catches the light for day and night visibility. You will want to make sure the film meets the guidelines for road safety.

Choose the right Graphics Solutions for your fleet

MPI 1105

Premium high gloss cast film with superior 3D conformability, stunning printability and maximum durability for complex fleet surfaces

MPI 2900 Series

Designed for use in a wide range of intermediate indoor, outdoor and general signage graphic applications. Available with a range of adhesives.

MPI 2100 Series

Outstanding performance with high opacity films or adhesives for extra hiding power, available in a range of adhesives and features.

MPI 2000 Series

Avery Dennison® MPI 2000 Standard Series is a family of polymeric self-adhesive vinyl films recommended for a wide range of applications on flat and slightly curved substrates.

V-4000 Retro-Reflective Films

Avery Dennison® V-4000 is a high-quality beaded retro-reflective cast film, tailored for long-term commercial and emergency fleet applications.

Visiflex V-8000 Series

Providing striking and bold reflectivity to critical safety and emergency vehicles, or stylizing vehicles with extreme accents and flair, VisiFlex V-8000 reflective prismatic vinyl is a durable and effective solution when high visibility is desired.

AX 950 Series

SC 950 Series

Avery Dennison SC950 Supercast Cut Vinyl, a collection of 133 vibrant and bold, high-gloss and metallic films, bring the character of today’s brands to life.

HP 750 series

HP 750 Series

High-Performance Cut Vinyl, a collection of 100 vibrant and bold, medium-gloss films brings the character of today’s brands to life.

Digital Overlaminate Films

Avery Dennison provides you with a complete line of digital overlaminate pressure-sensitive clear films that deliver great looks, durability, protection and easy application, with more finish choices than ever before.

Need help selecting the right product? 

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Tools to get you started

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