The Garage Project

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Previous Episodes

Episode 8

6 August 2020

In this action packed final episode, tune in to watch an exclusive interview with Nick Caminiti, director at Exotic Graphix. Also, get ready for a double 'Install Essentials' feature with Pete completing the wrapping of the car front guard and the tricky rear bumper, complete with inlays. Finally don't forget that we will be announcing the winner of an exclusive virtual workshop with Pete!

Are you sad that The Garage Project is over for now? Watch the episode to see what's coming next!

Episode 7

9 July 2020

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Garage Project. In this episode, see how Pete wraps his snowboard with a design chosen by our audience, using a combination of digital print and the protective features of PPF film for 'The Wrap Challenge'. Also, in part one of this two part 'Install Essentials' learn how to setup, and wrap a tricky car front guard while incorporating different techniques to simplify the install process.

Episode 6

25 June 2020

Welcome to episode 6 of the Garage Project. In today's episode, Peter will reveal the final snowboard design selected by our FB Audiences. Also making a guest appearance is Vaughan Phillip, our Technical Marketing Specialist from Brisbane, Australia, to take you through the steps of wrapping a wing mirror flawlessly.

Episode 5

11 June 2020

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Garage Project. In today's episode Pete airs the final lawnmower reveal and shows how to setup and wrap a roof including corners and tucking behind seals. Also, get ready to win a one on one with him. Watch out for more details in the episode.

Episode 4

21 May 2020

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Garage Project. In today's episode, Pete airs the video of how he wrapped the lawnmower, throws out a new "Wrap Challenge" and has two special guests Justin Pate & Rainer Lorz join him from The Wrap Institute. Also, get ready to win a one on one with him. Watch out for more details in the episode.

Episode 3

12 May 2020

Welcome to the Episode 3 of the Garage Project. In today's episode Pete will unveil the final lawnmower design and throw out a new wrap challenge, continue 'Install Essentials' and introduces a new segment 'Tool of the Week'. Also, get ready to win a one on one with him.  

Episode 2

24 April 2020

Guess who joins Peter in his garage.... uuhhhh... his seaside lounge? Yes it's Justin Pate, the wrapping guru! This fun chit chat filled episode also featured a tutorial in bonnet wrapping basics. Also, don't miss out the fun wrapping music, it's really catchy!  

Episode 1

17 April 2020

In the premiere episode, Peter takes the center stage and shows us glimpses of the cool wraplife. While taking his lawnmower apart and throwing a challenge at the viewers, he also gives some helpful tips on cleaning and preparations before wrapping.

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