Self Adhesive Vinyl

Avery Dennison films are equipped with pressure-sensitive self adhesives. 

They are comprised of:

  • Facestock/Front Material
  • Adhesive
  • Release coating
  • Backing or Liner

Vinyl is perfect for a front material because of its flexibility. Whereas most window films are made of polyester, our self adhesive vinyl films are well suited to contoured and curved surfaces. 

With a range of applications, it’s important to choose the right ones based on your specific needs. The durability of self-adhesive vinyls depends on several factors. 

  • The required period of use (days/months/years)
  • The type of surface (metal, plastic, glass, painted/unpainted)
  • Horizontal or vertical application (which influences exposure to UV, weather and pollution)
  • Climate conditions (seaside, mountains, desert)
  • Type of conversion (printed, laminated, ink type) 


Types of Vinyl

Sign Cut Films vs Digital Print Films
Sign Cut Films

Films produced in a variety of colours, which are cut into shapes, lettering, etc and applied as signage.

Digital Print Films

Films designed for large format printing, usually white or translucent/transparent.

Digital Print films usually have an overlaminate film applied over the top to protect the print surface


There are 2 methods used for producing vinyl films: calendering and casting.

Calendered or Cast Vinyl
Calendered films:

Production process for vinyl resulting in a film usually used for flat or simple curves

Product examples: MPI 2120

Cast films:

Production process that results in a more conformable film, used for curved surfaces

Product examples: MPI 1105



Types of Adhesive

There’s a lot of different adhesive types depending on application.


Main adhesive types 


These films are designed to stay on permanently

Product examples: MPI 2920

Long term removable 

These films can be removed within a particular time period with the help of heat or chemicals.

Product examples: MPI 1405 Easy Apply RS™ LTR


These films can be removed within a particular amount of time, without using heat or chemicals.

Product examples: MPI 3111


Other adhesive features

Easy Apply™ Technology

Air escapes through channels in the adhesive layer during application, preventing air bubbles from being trapped beneath.

Product examples: MPI 2126 Hi-Tack Easy Apply™

Easy Apply RS™ Technology

Allows the film to be repositioned and slid around on the surface without it sticking.

Product Examples: MPI 1105 Easy Apply™


Trying to decide between different digital print media? We've created a handy guide to help you choose.

You can learn more about installing vinyl film by signing up for free at the Avery Dennison Graphics Academy