Enhance your installation skills with Avery Dennison’s installation training videos


Although installing graphics films may seem daunting, you can succeed by practising your craft and learning from the best. Our experienced trainers, including Peter Wright, Theo Kostarakis, and Vaughan Philip, provide detailed instructions on the basics of Avery Dennison film installation in these videos. They also offer tips and tricks to give you an extra edge. With Avery Dennison's training videos, you can elevate your installation skills and take your work to the next level.

Are you an installer looking to take your skills to the next level in car wraps, paint protection films, or automotive window film installation? Avery Dennison is here to support you on your professional journey with our comprehensive Training & Certification program, where you get an opportunity to learn from the best!


Wall Essentials

Proper preparation and installation are critical to ensure the wall film adheres correctly and lasts for an extended period. Our training videos show you how to apply wall films effectively to get a premium finish and how to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.


Wall surface preparation and cleaning

Theo Kostarakis takes you through preparing and cleaning a wall surface before applying graphic material.

Wall assessment & graphic preparation

Walls are almost never 100% straight. Learn how to correctly measure a wall and trim graphics to compensate for building flaws.

Aligning the first panel

Getting the first panel of your wall graphic aligned correctly is critical to ensure the straightness and success of the installation. Learn tips and tricks on how to get it right the first time.

Finishing the wall

In the final video of this series we show how to apply the film around any raised object on the wall such as air conditioning, power points and light switches.

PPF Essentials

Our training videos provide a great starting point if you are new to the Avery Dennison Supreme PPF installation. We cover the essential knowledge you'll need to get the picture-perfect result with Paint Protection Films every time. 


Essential Tools

Technical Specialist Graeme Doolan takes us through the basic tools needed for Paint Protection Film installation.

Surface Preparation and Cleaning

In this video, we outline methods and techniques to clean a vehicle before the Paint Protection Film is applied.

How to wrap your wing mirror with Supreme™ PPF
PPF Removal

Wrap Essentials

Avery Dennison's Supreme Wrapping Film™ is a popular choice for car wraps. While it is extremely easy to apply and remove, you may need some guidance to ensure successful SWF installations every single time. In these videos, we cover how to apply SWF without wrinkles or bubbles and how to finish edges and corners in challenging areas.


Overlapping of cast films in corrugations and deep recesses
Wrapping a Rear Bumper using inlays
Measuring and tucking behind car window seals


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