Avery Dennison Sustainable Graphics Solutions

At Avery Dennison, We understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and we are committed to creating sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers while minimizing our impact on the planet. Our goal is to enhance our commitment to sustainability by closely collaborating with important stakeholders throughout the value chain.

APAC Sustainability Vision & Goals

Cultivate a sustainable tomorrow with Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions APAC. Discover our vision to embed sustainability in every practice, focusing on circular innovation, reduced carbon impact, responsible sourcing, and community empowerment. Join us in building a greener future.

Sustainable Graphics Portfolio

Our Sustainable Graphics portfolio gives our customer access to a new generation of more sustainable products.and ensures ensure we are delivering new products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Recycling Programs

We recognize that reducing waste is a key part of sustainable business practices. That's why we have established different recycling programs in different geographies to help our customers reduce their environmental impact.

Responsible Sourcing at Avery Dennison

We take great care in selecting our suppliers to ensure that they uphold our sustainability principles. We aim for 100% of our raw materials to be responsibly sourced.

Our 2030 Corporate Sustainability Goals

Our 2030 sustainability goals align with seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and present the greatest test yet of our capacity to innovate and an invaluable opportunity to position our business for lasting success.

Avery Dennison's New Carbon Trust Tool: Increasing Transparency in Graphics Solutions

Transparency is critical to creating trust and building partnerships for a more sustainable industry. As we continue our progress toward reaching our 2030 sustainability goals, we are broadening our efforts in carbon measurement to increase transparency and provide our customers with more accurate product carbon footprint information.

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