SP 3500 Series

More impact. More sustainable.

Enhance your digital printing projects with the SP 3500 Opaque Matte Series—premium, versatile digital print films designed for mid-term promotional graphics. These films are both easy to convert and apply and ensure superior print quality with a reduced environmental impact.


Sustainable Prints, Easy Removal

Introducing the new SP 3522 Opaque Matte from our Sustainable Print range. This PVC-free, eco-friendly film features a removable adhesive perfect for temporary installations, transit ads, and dynamic promotions. Designed for easy removal, it excels in performance and versatility while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and energy use.

SP 3500 Series/ PVC-free print films/ Sustainable Prints
Key Features
  • Eco-friendly, PVC-free films to reduce your environmental impact.
  • Designed for durability of 3 years.
  • Matte white films with grey adhesive for superior opacity and striking visuals.
  • Easy to convert, enhancing efficiency.
  • Compatible with UV and Latex printing for sharp, vibrant images.
  • The appealing Matte finish reduces glare, ideal for indoor promotions.

Product Overview

More Impact

More impact on responsible use of material. More impact from promotional perspective > fast and easy to apply.

More Sustainable

PVC-free products which contain no chlorine, phthalates and other halogens and reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 


SP 3500 Series - Product Overview

1.8 MB (pdf)
SP 3500 Series - Product Overview

Avery Dennison - SP 3523 Opaque Matt PDS

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Avery Dennison - SP 3523 Opaque Matt PDS

Avery Dennison SP 3522 Opaque Matt Product Data Sheet

250.2 KB (pdf)
Avery Dennison SP 3522 Opaque Matt Product Data Sheet

Product Videos

SP 3523 Opaque Matt  
Instructional video of how to install SP 3523 Opaque Matt

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