Q: How are backorders changing?

A: When a PO is submitted for entry, all items will be entered into the system, regardless of availability, and approximate ship dates will be on the sales order acknowledgement you receive after entry. If you wish to no longer receive any items placed on backorder, it is your responsibility to reach out to customer service with the request to cancel. Please cite your PO number and/or sales order acknowledgement number and item to cancel when contracting customer service.



Q: How are payments changing?

A: Avery Dennison will no longer accept credit card payments at the time of order entry or before shipping. You can, however, use a credit card to pay on your account balance. Payment information will be available on the invoice you receive when your order ships.



Q: What do I need to do to ensure tax exempt status?

A: In order to be recognized as tax exempt in a specific ship-to state, you must fill out the Tax Exempt form (found in the Online Resource Center) and provide documentation for each state. You must send the completed form to nassc.tax.email.users@averydennison.com.



Q: Is my customer ID changing?

A: Yes. All existing customers will receive a new ID in order to enable consistency with the upgraded systems. The new ID number will be at the top of each Sales Order Acknowledgement, Packslip and other order related documents.



Q: Are part numbers changing?

A: Yes, part numbers are changing; each VLT, length, and width combination will now have its own specific part number. Please refer to the Window Film Cross Reference sheet in the Online Resource Center.



Q: Will ordering documents and labels look different?

A: To assist in making sure you are receiving correct, consistent information, your ordering and shipment documents will be changing. You will receive a sales order acknowledgement once your order has been entered, an invoice once the order ships, and a packing slip when your order is received. These documents will have your PO number, assigned order number and new part numbers. Each document example is available in the Online Resource Center.



Q: What if I need special project pricing?

A: If a customer is working on a project requiring special pricing, please reach out to your sales representative for evaluation. Any special pricing requests must be approved by a product manager prior to your PO being submitted. Any approved special pricing will be assigned a project number which must be cited on the purchase order.



Q: What information should be included on my Purchase Order?

A: When submitting a Purchase Order to customer service, please include a PO number and your assigned customer number. This will allow for quicker entry by our team and provide a reference  should you contact customer service about your order after entry. Please also include the part number (available in the Window Film Part Number Cross Reference Sheet), quantity of each part, and your cost. An example of a PO following these best practices is available on the Online Resource Center.



Q: Are there any changes to shipping?

A: Due to the system changes, we will no longer have the ability to hold rolls after picking and ship as a bundle so each roll will be charged a UPS shipping fee. Shipping charges will be waived for all orders totaling $2,500 or more.


Q: What does “custom” on the part number cross-reference mean?

A: Any part number with “custom” in the length or width field indicates the part number you will use when requesting a slit down or a roll down. Example: The part number for HP Pro 05 30” was previously R058I0A-762-AVY and you indicated on your PO if you needed it cut down. Now, if you are ordering the stock size of 30” x 100’, use part number A413083. If you are ordering HP Pro 05 30” to be cut down, use part number A413115 and indicate the desired size on your PO.