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They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Videos provide even more.

Watch our videos below for installing car and vehicle wrapping products, which illustrate installation techniques and tips.

The product promotional videos highlight our new and exciting products, such as the Supreme Wrapping Film line, plus watch videos from past shows and events.

We also offer many How-To videos geared toward different types of film installation, car and vehicle wrapping tips and problem solving.

Graphics Solutions Promotional Product Videos

Avery Dennison® Corporate Branding Solutions

Avery Dennison is a trusted provider of the right graphics solutions to help organizations of all sizes visually showcase their purpose and products to customers. From branded fleet vehicles to wall and floor graphics, our materials deliver superior performance and durability.

MPI 1105 Easy Apply™ RS

MPI 1105 Easy Apply™ RS brings new levels of printability and image quality on vehicle graphics. MPI 1105 wrapping film is a premium high-gloss cast film with superior 3D conformability, stunning printability and maximum durability for complex surfaces with curves and recesses. With a lower initial tack, MPI 1105 uses Easy Apply™ RS technology to ensure the same application speed and convenience as Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping ™ Film.

Obsidian Black Supreme Wrapping Film 

Our deepest, blackest pigment yet has arrived! Introducing our newest Supreme Wrapping Film, Obsidian black.


Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Matte Paint Protection Film 



Avery Dennison neo noir Gloss Black Paint Protection Film 


Avery Dennison North America: Supreme Wrapping™ Film ColorFlow™ Series

Introducing the new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Series, five color shifting shades that transform vehicles into works of art while providing superior performance and conformability.

Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping™ Film Diamond Line

Available in Europe: Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping™ Film Diamond Line Easy Apply Cast Film Series is a premium quality ultra metallic cast film designed for use in vehicle and graphics markets where high quality finish and full colour car wrapping is required.

NA - Wall Film Promo Video

The Wall Film portfolio from Avery Dennison gives design flexibility for even the most ambitious indoor wall vinyl printing applications – with new, three dimensional textures, rapid application and reliable print performance. more information at

Avery Dennison® Hi-Tack Easy Apply™ Adhesive

Our new Avery Dennison Hi-Tack Adhesive helps branded decals stick to vehicles and machinery with challenging surfaces in the toughest environments and is specially formulated to work in conjunction with our SC900 screen cut cast, HP700 screen cut calendered and MPI2126 digital calendered vinyl films. Learn more:

Introducing the Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrap Care Range (North America)

Make sure your vehicle wrap keeps looking amazing. The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Care is designed to keep your vehicle wrap in peak condition!