Avery Dennison's New Carbon Footprinting Tool: Increasing Transparency in Graphics Solutions

Understanding the Impact with Precision

Transparency is critical to creating trust and building partnerships for a more sustainable industry. As we continue our progress toward reaching our 2030 sustainability goals, we are broadening our efforts in carbon measurement to increase transparency and provide our customers with more accurate product carbon footprint information.

Measure and Report with Confidence

Our bespoke Carbon footprinting tool is not just another sustainability measurement solution; it is an innovation in transparency and precision. This powerful instrument is designed to transform the way you view the environmental impact of graphics products by measuring their carbon and water footprints.

Who is the Carbon Trust? 

The Carbon Trust is a global climate consultancy driven by the mission to accelerate the move to a decarbonised future. Climate pioneers for over 20 years, it partners with businesses, governments and financial institutions to drive positive climate action. To date, its 400 experts have helped set over 200 science-based targets and guided more than 3000 organisations and cities across five continents on their route to Net Zero. Learn more here

Know the Carbon Footprint tool 

This tool offers meticulous carbon footprint assessments - from cradle-to-gate and cradle-to-grave - to deliver more accurate, actionable data across several key indicators. Our robust approach incorporates primary operational data coupled with regionalised industry averages, ensuring your carbon footprint calculation resonates with global relevance and sensitivity.

Backed by Expertise

Our tool evaluates the carbon footprints of our products, meticulously adhering to the GHG Protocol Product Standard, PAS2050, and ISO-14067 guidelines. With over 20 years of experience, the Carbon Trust is the authority in climate consultancy – guiding you to a sustainable future with unrivalled expertise.

Transparency That Transcends

Gain unparalleled insights into the greenhouse gas and water footprints of a range of Avery Dennison’s graphics products. The use of primary data underscores our unwavering commitment to not just reach, but exceed sustainability targets with authenticity and accountability.


A Sustainable Legacy

Industry leaders choose transparency – We're setting the standard for a sustainable graphics industry, conscious of our responsibility to the Earth and future generations. Avery Dennison leverages the Carbon footprint tool to empower decision-makers with data, driving our collective thrust towards a greener, cleaner planet.

Lead the change – Embark on your pursuit of sustainability with Avery Dennison. Know more about this tool by reaching out to us.


Are you ready to align your brand's legacy with our sustainable solutions? View our sustainable graphics portfolio for more information on how our products can catalyse your sustainability strategy, and learn how they can support your green transformation.


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