Neutral Interior Window Films

Maintain the view and access to daylight without the heat and eye strain

Avery Dennison Neutral interior window films add a subtle grey appearance to glazing to reduce heat gain and glare while preserving the natural view through the glass.

All Neutral interior window films provide:
  • High heat rejection for enhanced comfort while reducing cooling costs
  • High glare reduction to reduce eyestrain and enhance productivity
  • Neutral aesthetic - natural grey appearance both inside and out
  • 99% UV block to limit fading and damage from the sun

NT PerLite Ceramic i
Highly durable, ceramic-based interior window film which delivers excellent solar energy rejection with surprisingly, low visible light reflectance.

NT Natura i
Designed for residential use in an attractive, warm neutral color, DR OptiShade i provides low interior reflectance and effective solar heat protection. Compatible with most glass glazing systems.