Shield IR 80

Automotive Window FIlm

Avery Dennison® Shield IR 80 automotive window film is an optically clear window film that provides virtually invisible UV protection. Shield IR 80 utilizes nanotechnology to reject infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening. Shield IR rejects 44% of the total solar energy, making it the perfect solution for solar protection of factory installed privacy glass.

Product Specifications
Infrared Spectrally-Selective Film
Film Ultraviolet Block  Visible Light Transmitted SIRR Total Solar Energy Rejected
Shield IR 80
>99% 77% 83% 44%


Key Features:
  • Virtually clear window film for the driver who wants UV blocking and a cool interior, without altering their vehicle’s appearance, which makes for a perfect protection solution where local regulations limit the use of darker tinted films.
  • Through the use of advanced nanotechnology, the Shield IR 80 film blocks >99% UV and rejects 44% of the total solar energy for driver and passenger comfort
  • Easy to install with superior shrink capabilities
  • Ideal for front windshield application
  • Zero signal interference (metal free)
Product Application Information:



Color Tone

Light Blue


2-Ply Weatherable


2 Mil

Lifetime, Limited Non-Transferable
Color Stable



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