Q: What all is included with the cost of the Basic/Intermediate and Advanced classes?

A: Each Basic/Intermediate and Advanced class is two days and breakfast and lunch are provided. Three cars are available for hands-on training and one-on-one time with the instructor. You will receive a toolbelt with tools including squeegees, knives, magnets, and an application glove. You also receive a roll of material that you choose during the class and it is shipped to you after the class. You can choose either one 54”x25 yard roll of MPI 1105 with DOL1360 or one 60”x25 yard roll of Supreme Wrapping Film.



Q: Do I have to take Basic/Intermediate and Advanced classes in order?

A: No, you are not required to take the classes in order but we do recommend taking the Basic/Intermediate class first in order to master the basics before taking on advanced wrapping techniques.



Q: What is the difference between the Basic/Intermediate and the Advanced classes?

A: The biggest difference between the two classes is the material that is used during the class. In the Basic/Intermediate class, you will use our digitally printable films and learn to wrap full-print vehicles as well as walls,windows, and floors. The Basic/Intermediate class covers starts at the basics of wrapping and gives an overview to the trade. In the Advanced class, you will use Supreme Wrapping Film and the instructor will jump into the tips and tricks of wrapping including those tricky areas of the vehicle such as bumpers and mirrors..



Q: How much experience should I have before signing up for the Basic/Intermediate or Advanced class?

A: For the Basic/Intermediate class, we recommend that you are familiar with the material but we don’t require experience. For the Advanced class, we recommend that you either have completed the Basic/Intermediate class or have wrapped at least five complete vehicles.



Q: How much experience should I have before taking the Certification Exam?

A: It is highly recommended that anyone taking the Certification Exam has installed at least 10 full wraps. We also recommend taking our Basic/Intermediate and Advanced wrap training classes before taking the exam as they are designed to prepare you for the material on the Certification Exam.



Q: What kind of material do I get for taking the Basic/Intermediate or Advanced wrap classes?

A: You can pick a 54”x25 yard roll of MPI1105 with DOL1360Z or a roll of Supreme Wrapping Film. Textured film and chrome are not available.



Q: How do I get the roll of material I choose?

A: The Avery Dennison Sales Representative attending the class will ask for your roll selection and it will be sent to the address provided on the registration form within 1-2 weeks. If you need to hange the shipping address, please let the sales representative know when you make your selection.



Q: Will we learn installation on any application other than vehicles?

A: In the Basic/Intermediate class, you will learn to wrap walls, windows, floors and cars. In the Advanced course, you will work on cars only.



Q: Can my name be added to a waiting list if a class I want to take is sold out?

A: Yes, just email wrapclasses.na@averydennison.com with the desired class and schedule date and the best way to reach you and we will let you know if there is a cancellation.



Q: What if I still have questions?

A: Contact wrapclasses.na@averydennison.com - we’re here to help!


Q: Is there a minimum age reequirement?

A: The minimum age to attend a Wrap Training class is 18.