Wrap Training Testimonials

97% of survey participants said their confidence in their skills increased after taking a course.

I had a mind opening experience this week with Justin pate, and especially the products avery dennison is making these days. I have been using 3m for years, and just had a headstrong mentality about other material. I was impressed beyond belief with both of your printed film and swf films you offer. I would love to switch over. Please keep in contact. Thank you!!!

"I think the course was planned and executed very well. I would highly consider taking any course Avery offers and would send a new employee to training courses on every hire."

"I can’t believe how much my skills as an installer have gone up since I switched to all Avery Dennison products in my wraps. I can’t wait to see what else I learn from this year’s workshops."

I have attended two classes hosted by the Wrap Institute, Justin Pate and Avery Dennison, and the volume of information you receive in such a short amount of time is priceless. I have been wrapping for over ten years and the knowledge I gained in attending those two classes has made my job that much easier and has raised my quality and skill level to a point that has my customers recommending me in my community for wraps of all kinds, and that's the best kind of advertising! I think the greatest thing about the class is the way Justin keeps up with all the latest techniques in a rapidly changing industry and passes them on to all his students, The two classes I attended within a six month period were not the same both times and both were filled with new innovations for installation. I highly recommend the wrap institute for anyone out there that wraps, It will take your game to the next level.

"I wanted to let you know that the technique I learned at the Avery Dennison seminar have drastically improved our quality, and our business has taken off. We’re building an excellent reputation for the best quality wraps in the area. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise in helping us grow our business."

"The workshop and everyone I met was fantastic. I will be using all the techniques that were taught by Justin from now on. As an instructor I really liked him, his demonstrations were very thorough and he took his time. In the future I hope I'll feel comfortable and ready to take the next advanced class. I will be practicing as much as I can from now till then. Again, thank you."

I have owned and operated a sign and graphics company for over 14 years. The past 4-5 years have seen more and more vehicle wraps coming through my shop. I have tried and used just about every wrap film on the market from several manufacturers and still felt my work was about 60-70% of what it could be. Making the switch to Avery and the MPI 1005 and Supreme Wrap film, combined with taking the Supreme Wrap class with Justin Pate was the greatest leap in quality and production in any area that my shop has ever made. A month before the class I went from taking a full size commercial van wrap with two people at 8+ hours down to under 4 hour by myself! The products are unsurpassed in quality, durability and best of all, ease of installation. There is no better instructor out there than Justin Pate. Do yourself, your shop and most of all your CUSTOMERS a favor and learn from the best, while using the best film out there.

"Just did a roof and mirror wrap with rally strips (Matte Black) on a 2015 Ford Mustang. Love the product. we have done installs with different vinyl companies and by far this product (Avery Dennison) was superior. Working with Avery was great. we have seen this product in the past but never really worked with it until we went to one of your SWF classes with Justin Pate. He was awesome and the product was awesome."

"Amazing class that exceeded my expectations."

"The class was awesome. Justin covers everything and different situations. You get to work with all different vinyl materials. Very informative."

"I just took the Avery Dennison Advanced class with Justin Pate. I learned a lot of new tricks. The cold pull that Justin has learned and passed on is really quick and really easy. We’ve personally been using Avery Dennison at our shop for about a year and a half and the tricks that I learned will help get the best out of the material."

"I took the Avery Dennison wrap class in Illinois with Justin Pate. WOW! I learned all the techniques and proper way to wrap in 2 days! And the material of choice is Avery Dennison! If Justin wants to use it, PAY ATTENTION! When you can cut install times in HALF because of the ease of use, you know Avery Dennison is the benchmark of quality, reliability, and ease of use! I will recommend all my customers to use Avery Dennison! Light Years above the competition!"

"I have just taken my 2nd Justin Pate wrap class and he is hands down one of the best teachers in the profession. I have deep roots in the basketball world and have experienced a lot of different teachers and coaches. I also know that great players rarely become great coaches but Justin is an exception to this rule. Justin has developed a successful and efficient installation process but he has the ability to articulate this process to others. What makes him even more awesome...is that he continues to learn as he has access to talented installers all over the world and is passionate about constantly improving his skills. Even though I am now an Avery Certified Wrap installer, I look forward to taking another advanced class in the next couple of years...it is money well spent!"

"I wanted to let you know that the techniques I learned at the Avery Dennison seminar have drastically improved our quality, and our business has taken off. We're building an excellent reputation for the best quality wraps in the area. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise in helping us grow our business."

"I have owned my own sign business in San Francisco for 4.5 years. I took the Avery Supreme Wrapping Film training class in February of 2014 and have only been wrapping with Avery films since then. My whole staff loves Avery due to its slide ability. Not having to struggle with aggressive adhesive during the installation process lessens the amount of fatigue and frustration during the installation process."

"As a growing wrap company, I first owe my success to Justin Pate, who has turned wrapping vehicles into a true art, taking pride in every wrap as if it would be on display in the Guggenheim. Secondly, Avery Dennison MPI 1005 film is another reason for my success. Justin showed me the difference in the Avery Dennison material and I have become a believer and now only buy MPI 1005. This is a dream to print and apply, giving us another step up in giving the customer the best wrap possible."

I have attended 2 Supreme Wrap classes and the 2-day print class. Not only is Justin Pate a master of his craft, he is also an extremely effective teacher. As a result of taking these classes, I have the confidence to wrap any vehicle, with or without graphics, and be assured that my installation will not fail. I will continue to take classes as I learn something new each time, and as I complete more wraps, I realize where I have opportunity areas. Anyone that has a business that includes wrapping needs to take these classes. Thank you for the opportunity to give quality workmanship and skill to my customers.