Modular Series Window Films

Stackable Films for Added Protection

Avery Dennison Modular Series Window Films are stackable 2 mil to 12 mil films that can be combined with any Avery Dennison solar window film to create a custom window film solution. Modular series window films are typically used to add protection to window films, with a multiple-layer approach. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes a modular film option designed for use on polycarbonate surfaces, creating flexibility for solar film installation. Avery Dennison modular films are ideal for use in retail, hospitality, offices, government buildings, schools and personal residences.

Product Overview
Modular Poly Clear 2 mil Window Film

Add solar protection to polycarbonate or other rigid surfaces with Avery Dennison Modular Poly Clear 2 mil window film. Modular Poly Clear 2 mil is a stackable film that adheres to rigid plastic substrates. This film is designed to be used in combination with solar window films that are intended for glass surfaces. Adding Modular Poly Clear 2 mil to polycarbonate surfaces creates a new film construction which allows for solar films to be used on acrylic or polycarbonate windows and skylights. There is no cure time required when stacking films on top of Modular Poly, which makes it ideal for application in schools, hospitals, bus shelters, sunrooms and skylights.

SF Clear Mod Series Interior Window Films

Add safety and security protection to your selection of an Avery Dennison solar window film by installing it in combination with safety modular film SF Clear Mod. SF Clear Mod safety and security interior window films are available in a range of thicknesses: 4 mil, 7 mil and 12 mil for varying hazard protection. SF Clear Mod series films offer superb optical clarity, block up to 99% UV exposure to reduce fading and sun damage, and offer increased protection from glass shattered by impact, crime or natural disaster.

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