Stay Beautiful Huntington Beach

Keeping a city beautiful is a major point of civic pride. Throughout the United States and Canada, major cities and small towns have put in place initiatives to showcase local culture and artists by “prettying up” less glamorous everyday objects and spaces. The benefits of these renovation programs are obvious - they leave visitors with a better impression of the area and give local residents a greater sense of pride around their hometown.

Included in this trend, some municipalities have used wall murals and untouched canvases, like traffic boxes and utility stations. Huntington Beach, California wanted to bring attention to a part of the town that most would rather forget about - its dumpsters. With the help of the Huntington Beach Public Art Alliance (HBPAA), 30 local artists, a local vinyl film installer and Avery Dennison overlaminate, this unconventional project became a huge hit.

Products Used: Avery Dennison® DOL 6060 Anti-Graffiti

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Case Study: Stay Beautiful Huntington Beach

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Case Study: Stay Beautiful Huntington Beach