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New Car Wrap Colors & Colored Overlaminates Introduced

Three Transparent Colored Overlaminates for Conform Chrome films and two colors in the Giovanna Edition for Supreme Wrapping™ Film are the newest additions to the Avery Dennison portfolio. The new overlaminates are available in three distinct colors, orange, green and purple, to combine with the five existing Conform Chrome colors for more creative color possibilities. In addition, Satin Azure and Satin Pearl Koko join Satin Pearl Cielo Blu, Matte Metallic Grigio and Satin Pearl Nero in the popular Giovanna Edition of Supreme Wrapping Film line.

When paired with Conform Chrome, the Transparent Colored Overlaminates create more than just additional color options for vehicle wraps. Together, the films offer a multi-layer functionality that protects the chrome film from being scratched or damaged. With the trend of chrome finishes gaining popularity, the new product allows installers to offer even more creative solutions.

Satin Azure and Satin Pearl Koko, as well as the three existing Giovanna colors, were created through a continued collaboration with Diko Sulahian, owner of WTW Corp, manufacturer of Giovanna Luxury Wheels. The entire Giovanna Edition of the Supreme Wrapping Film line possesses the same qualities of the larger Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio, including excellent conformability around curves and recesses and patented Avery Dennison Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology.

“The addition of Satin Azure and Satin Pearl Koko has been well-received by wrap installers all over North America,” said McSpadden. “The two new colors, a satin teal and pearlescent brown, complement the existing films and together make for a unique, sophisticated option for users to change the color of their car.”

“With the addition of the new custom vehicle wrap colors, we have completed and achieved our vision for a full line of Supreme Wrapping Film that represents Giovanna Wheels,” said Diko Sulahian, owner of WTW Corp. “Avery Dennison embraced that vision, and we are passionate about all five exceptional Giovanna colors. We hope these inspire consumers to personalize their vehicles.”


More information on the Transparent Colored Overlaminates can be found at

More information and sample ordering of the Giovanna Edition of Supreme Wrapping Film can be requested at

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