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Printed MPI 1105 Samples Now Available from Five Different Printers

When Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America launched ultra-conformable MPI 1105 in July, one of the most important attributes of the film was its superior print quality. Now, installers can experience this quality first hand with samples printed on five different OEM printers.

Installers looking to try MPI 1105 may request a large printed sample by heading to Available printer options include Epson, Mutoh, HP, OKI and Roland. he first 1,105 installers to request samples will receive an Avery Dennison MPI 1105 t-shirt.  

The printed samples are 1’ x 2’, and they will only be available during the month of October. Installers need to act fast to get their hands on the film

Installers will also have the opportunity to download a print-ready PDF of the sample they’re requesting. Avery Dennison encourages installers to use the creative on competitive vinyl to compare the print quality of the two options.

Visit to request samples and learn more about the newest Supercast film from Avery Dennison.

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