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Avery Dennison Adds New ColorFlow™ Iridescent Supreme Wrapping Film

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions just released the new Supreme Wrapping™ Film ColorFlow™ Series. These color shifting, iridescent films feature the performance and conformability of all Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films, and they come in five new colors with a unique satin finish: Rising Sun (Red/Gold), Urban Jungle (Silver/Green), Roaring Thunder (Blue/Red), Fresh Spring  (Gold/Silver) and Rushing Riptide (Cyan/Purple).

The ColorFlow Series has all the attributes of the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio, combining color, texture and clear protective layers to provide a smooth, paint-like finish that is both durable and dazzling.

“My peers and I are thrilled that Avery Dennison has developed the ColorFlow Series,” said Kenny Tonn, owner and installer at Brand Installers.  “We’ve been waiting for quality color shift films like these. The ColorFlow films install easily, last a long time and bring the wow factor. What more could we ask for?”

The films achieve high conformability and repositioning capability through innovative Avery Dennison Easy Apply RS™ technology. With the addition of the ColorFlow Series, the Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio boasts over 90 colors and finishes for car wraps.

“The new ColorFlow was an awesome product to work with,” said Shane Weldon, president, InShane Designs. “It really helps you enjoy what you do more, when you have support from companies like Avery Dennison.”

Visit graphics.averydennison.com/colorflow for more information about the new ColorFlow films, and check out the Find a Distributor page on the Avery Dennison website to locate a distributor in your area.

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