Avery Dennison Launches New PVC-Free Digital Promotional Film

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions just launched a new PVC-free digitally printable film, MPI 3901. MPI 3901 Promotional Film does not sacrifice color pop, printability or performance in order to be cost-effective for point-of-purchase advertising.

“We are excited to introduce MPI 3901, a film that is both cost-effective and PVC-free,” said Jeff Losch, marketing director, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America. “With this product, printers and installers will also get exceptional digital print quality on latex and UV, without a need for an overlaminate.”


Key features of MPI 3901:

  • PVC-free to meet corporate sustainability practices to eliminate or reduce the use of PVC

  • Exceptional digital print quality on Latex and UV

  • No need for overlaminate

  • A clear, removable adhesive

The new promotional film is manufactured using PVC and phthalate-free film technology and a solvent-free adhesive. It contains no PVCs or monomeric plasticizers, eliminating any halogen related disposal concerns.

MPI 3901 has a clear, removable adhesive to provide the right amount of adhesion, with quick, easy removal. This film is compatible with both latex and UV ink printers, and installers can use it in a wide range of applications, including wall murals, retail, tradeshow exhibits and outdoor signage.

“Having a more cost-effective product that works for multiple applications without shrinking, combined with being PVC-free, will be a great solution. I think this is a winner!” said Sandra Ondas of ND Graphics.

For more information on MPI 3901 visit graphics.averydennison.com/mpi3901.

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