Interior Design Graphics on a Film that Anyone Can Install

Avery MPI 2611 Wall Film is the perfect choice for interior graphics - retail, decor, branding or POP - and it's so easy to install that anyone can do it. MPI 2611 Wall Film is a white, premium calendered vinyl film designed specifically for wall graphic applications with high impact image clarity and color pop that is also scuff-resistant. 

The sky is the limit with Avery MPI 2611 Wall Film – images and designs printed on MPI 2611 can transform an interior space or complement existing elements. At the same time, Avery MPI 2611 Wall Film is simple to install and its removable adhesive allows for repositioning during installation. It’s the ideal product for wall graphics or murals that salespeople or consumers can install themselves. 

Features of MPI 2611 include:

  • Thick 6.0 mil calendered film eases installation for both consumer and commercial applications.
  • Removable adhesive delivers great adhesion, even when printed to the edge.
  • Tested and recommended for most paints including High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Satin Paints.
  • Luster finish of the film limits glare and gives a sophisticated look to indoor graphics.
  • Prints well with solvent, eco-solvent and UV curable inks.
  • Free color profiles for the most popular printers and inks enabling quick set-up and excellent color representation.
  • Up to 4 year durability unprinted; up to 3-year outdoor durability printed with approved printer/inks and overlaminated or clear coated.

Tips for installation:

  • The wall surface should be smooth, properly primed, painted and cured wallboard that has little or no surface variation.
  • Make sure to properly clean the wall prior to installation.
  • Before installing the graphic, unroll it and allow it to lay flat. The graphic will relax and should reach room temperature for at least one hour prior to installation.
  • Always remove the liner from the graphics rather than the graphic from the liner.
  • Do not use a “wet method” during installation. Water or application fluid can cause damage to the wall and cause premature failure of the graphic.


Additional details on installation are included in the Instructional Bulletin


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