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Avery Dennison Expands Supercast Technology to Opaque Films


Avery Dennison recently introduced the next generation of premium opaque screen and cut films with the expansion of its Supercast technology into the new Avery 900 Supercast Opaque films. These cast films now feature enhanced conformability and stay-down over deep channels, complex curves and rivets without the need for applying primer - a new option that is ideal for applications in fleet graphics, wraps, outdoor and architectural signage, and public transportation. 

The new 2.1 mil Avery 900 Supercast films are suitable for 3D applications because of their high conformability and are available in the industry’s broadest range of colors, with custom color matching available upon request.  The films are high-gloss with durability from ten to twelve years. 


Avery 900 Supercast Opaque cast films feature a range of adhesive options – Permanent, Hi Tack, and Permanent Long Term Removable adhesives. Kraft, StaFlat™ and Easy Apply™ liners provide easier application and long-term removability.  Easy Apply air egress technology helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles, which decreases installation time for vehicle wraps and large decals.


“This is one of the best cast products I have ever used,” said Roy Nethaway of Cutting Edge. “The new Avery 900 Supercast Opaque cast films are very easy to work with.”


Key features of the Avery 900 Supercast Opaque cast films include:

-  Enhanced conformability allows the films to stay down over deep channels, complex curves, and rivets without the need for applying primer

-  Outdoor durability of up to 12 years (black & white) and 10 years (colors)

-  High gloss and smooth face provide paint-like finish

-  Excellent cutting and weeding for drum and flatbed processing

-  New 83# Kraft liner for sign cutting with a smoother backside to retain film gloss

 The general process that leads to a successful installation with Avery Supercast films includes:

1.  Ensure the application surface is clean and dry to facilitate the proper bonding of an adhesive to the application surface.

2.  Use conventional methods for positioning and hinging the graphics.

3.  Review recommended application temperature for film, air and substrate.

4.  Utilize proper installation tools (squeegee with a felt cover). Make sure your squeegee has a smooth edge and hold it at 50-70 degree angle to the surface. The flatter the squeegee, the better.

5.  Reheat and set graphics, paying close attention to overlap seams, edges, and areas where the material has been manipulated to conform to complex shapes.

6.  Re-squegee all graphics edges, overlaps and seams using firm pressure after post install re-heat.

7.  Overlap all strokes by about 50%.

8.  Confirm adequate adhesion. 

More details are available in the Instructional Bulletin

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