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High School Student's Winning Design Installed on Twin Lakes, Wisconsin Police Department Squad Car with New Avery Reflective Vinyl

Wilmot Union High School freshman Sonja Trocke's winning design was recently installed on a Twin Lakes Police Department squad car by Road Rage Designs with the new Avery HV 1200 White reflective film featuring Easy Apply RS technology. Sonja's design was chosen from among six finalists submitted by students at Wilmot Union High School in Wilmot, Wisconsin. 

Sonja’s winning design was chosen by a group of about 25 people that included Twin Lakes Village board members, Police and Fire Commission members, several community residents, and police department staff in addition to Road Rage Designs employees.


“We needed to update our squad cars’ graphics and a Village Trustee suggested the idea of a contest in partnership with the local high school,” said Twin Lakes Police Chief Dale Racer. He approached Wilmot Union High School Principle Chris Trottier and Juliann Kunstler, the teacher of the Advanced Computer Graphics class, about the contest idea and received their enthusiastic approval. Chief Racer presented the contest, rules and deadline to the class in September and gave them two and a half months to create the designs.


“We received more than twenty designs and narrowed the field down to six finalists,” said Racer. “It was hard to choose a winner from the entries we received. The students’ designs were very impressive.”


Road Rage Designs paired Avery HV 1200 White reflective film with DOL 1360 overlaminate to print the design and install it on the squad cars. Avery HV 1200 reflective films are glass bead retroreflective films, feature a permanent adhesive and are durable up to seven years. In 2010, the Avery HV 1200 reflective films were enhanced to include Easy Apply RS technology, which makes application of the films easier, saving both time and money.


“We produced Sonja’s design on Avery HV 1200 White film and it turned out really well,” said Kris Harris at Road Rage Designs. “Now that these films feature Avery Easy Apply RS technology, the installation was much quicker and easier.”


“The new design is definitely attracting attention,” added Racer. “We’re having it installed on two additional squad cars.” Racer will enter Sonja’s design in the 2011 International Police Vehicle Design Contest, an annual contest sponsored by Hendon Publishing Company.


Sonja received a $100 gift card for her first place finish. Second place finisher Tyler Kunzman received a $50 gift card. The other four finalists received $25 gift cards.


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