Fleet Wraps Are the Grandfather of the Wrap Industry, We Ask What's New?

Fleet graphics have been around for many years - the genesis of the wrap industry. In many ways, this market has driven improvements in pressure sensitive films, digital printing and inks. What's new with these wraps? What data can you use about the number of impressions these wraps generate and their low cost compared with other types of advertising? 

A lot has changed since fleets started being marked or lettered with opaque films – digital printing has advanced in many ways. Films are more durable, easier and quicker to install while image quality has improved dramatically and overlaminate protection of graphics from UV rays and abrasion provides longer durability.


The improved color range and print optimization of the newer films makes graphics really pop, while overlaminate film finish options have expanded to include matte, luster and gloss, which offers a true paint-like finish. Even though full digital wraps are feasible, with the recession and economic pressure, many fleet managers have reduced costs by keeping fleet graphics on their vehicles for longer periods of time. Partial wraps or graphics have also become increasingly popular.


So while the customer may want to extend the life of the wrap or only be willing to pay for a partial wrap – both cases still require a laminate. While liquid clear coats (both UV & water based) have improved over the years, Avery Graphics film laminates offer the best protection for graphics and highest abrasion resistance to cleaning brushes, exposure to harsh cleaning agents, inadvertent encounters with tree branches, and UV rays from the sun.  Protection is very important and shouldn’t be eliminated to cut costs.


Fleet wraps can generate an amazing number of impressions. Here are some frequently used statistics that you may want to share with customers.


According to the Truckside Advertising Council, non-public transportation based advertising, which includes truckside, mobile billboards, taxi advertising and vehicle wraps, represents one of outdoor advertising's fastest growing product segments, generating significant interest, curiosity and results.


Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) statistics indicate truckside advertising delivers tremendous CPM (cost per thousand impressions) value. Truckside ads cost approximately $0.80 - $1.30 CPM and are much lower than other advertising mediums.


Traffic Audit Bureau statistics show that fleet graphics can generate 18 Million annual impressions, or 50,000 per day, in a DMA market of more than 5 million people.


There is a wide range of Avery Graphics cast and calendered films and laminates suitable for fleet graphics – choosing the right one depends on the graphics expected lifespan, whether or not the surface includes simple or complex curves and the finish that is desired. Visit our Products page for more details on the many products we offer for fleet applications. 


We want to see your projects! Post them to our Facebook page,http://www.facebook.com/AveryDennisonGraphics and we’ll include a project in a future AveryWorks.

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