It's Easy to Create Matte Wraps with Avery Easy Apply RS Black Wrapping Film

The matte look is still gaining in popularity across North America. It's surprisingly easy to achieve by combining Avery Easy Apply RS Black Wrapping Film and an Avery matte overlaminate. You can also add printed graphics or reflective designs as an overlay for extra effect. 

The matte look for cars was unveiled a couple years ago at the Detroit Auto Show and the trend is still going strong. The easiest, fastest and most maintainable way to achieve a matte look is with a vehicle wrap – most of you already know that.

Avery Graphics combined our black opaque vinyl with Avery Easy Apply RS technology to create a black wrapping film that is perfect for wraps. The best way to achieve the matte look is by pairing Avery Easy Apply RS Black Wrapping Film with DOL 1080 Matte or DOL 1380 Matte overlaminates.
The folks at Carwraps tried this combination out on a Scion xB. Here’s just one of their comments, “…we used Avery Easy Apply RS Wrapping Film-Black and DOL 1380 matte lamination. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! We believe “wholeheartedly” that this particular vinyl and lamination combo is far and away the best on the market.”  You can read the full blog post, here.
There are technical advantages when combining the wrapping film and overlaminate as well:

• The vinyl is thicker and you typically don’t have to pre-mask.
• The air egress technology helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles.
• Slideability allows for easy positioning and is combined with repositionability.
• Overlaminates also protect against abrasion and UV rays.
You can add some pop to the wrap by adding digitally printed graphics as an overlay. This is achieved by printing and laminating the graphics like you typically do with other wraps and then installing them on top of the matte wrap.

The sky is the limit with matte wraps. Avery Dennison also offers custom color wrapping films with qualifying order quantities – so you can expand your options and the matte look. Check with your distributor for more information.

Detailed instructions for applying Ultimate Cast Easy Apply RS Wrapping Films are included in the Instructional Bulletin,

Show us your work – we want to see your projects! Post them to our Facebook page ,and we’ll include a project in a future AveryWorks.

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